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Tips for Remote Work: How to Motivate Yourself to Work in Pajamas

Posted July 13, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0

Remote work is a popular idea these days. The possibility of a free schedule, no need to stand in traffic jams, or pushing in transport attracts creative people and freelancers. However, not all new freelancers cope with the new schedule of the day and go back to the offices. How to fully enjoy the delights of remote work, let's look at our article.

Understand what motivates you

When you are faced with a big ambitious goal, you will be less seduced by soap operas and snacks in your spare time. Conversely, if you are driven only by the desire to make money and nothing else, your brain will quickly "prove" that it is better to lie on the sofa and save energy than to do a tedious job.

Take a piece of paper and write down the opportunities that remote work or business offers you. You may be dreaming of traveling (write down which country and how long you want to go). Or you want to buy your own house (calculate the amount and estimate how much you have to put aside per month). The more specific the idea is, the more real it will seem. And once again, when you're lazy, you look at the notes and decide whether you want to get one step closer to your dream or choose to stay in place again.

Short goals for 2-4 months also work well: if you really want to go on vacation, you will be able to convince yourself that vacation is soon, and now it is time to get together.

Draw a line between work and life

Separate your working time and space. Allocate your working hours and personal time. For example, from 9 to 12 you work, then sports and lunch, after 15 you are back on the job. At 19, you close your laptop until tomorrow morning. Accept this as a rule that cannot be broken.

Determine your workplace: a table or a corner in the room. Try to be there only during office hours. Psychologically, we associate the place with the working mood. Therefore it is not recommended to work while lying in bed. Either you will fall asleep or your sleep will be disturbed by working thoughts.

Work in efficient hours

If you think better in the morning hours, do not lose this time sitting in social networks for a cup of coffee. Make it a rule: do important things during the first three hours of the day. Do not confuse it with urgency: Important things are those that will bear great fruit in the long term. But often we don't do them because we're stuck in the flow.

If, on the contrary, your brain accelerates by 14-15 hours, then the morning devote to routine, and leave creative tasks to the afternoon. Someone's most effective in the evening. Then morning and day you can devote to sports, routine, meetings, and in the evenings to solve creative tasks.

Remove the interference

When you work from home, temptations are inevitable. To rest at the show, to have a bite to eat, to sit on social networks - these activities are so attractive.

Even if you are super-motivated for achievements, interference can be a distraction. Remove all notifications from the social networks. Do not work with a view of the fridge. Use "interference" as leverage: "when I make a report, watch the show", "snack when I make all the important calls".

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