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The Future Looks Bright for Jacob Gottlieb

Posted July 18, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to EasyFinance News 1 0

If you follow the world of investing, you might have heard about a situation involving Visium Asset Management. A few months ago, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC found that several key employees in this company broke federal regulations. In this post, you'll learn about the key people involved in this legal situation.

The first person many are looking at right now is Steven Ku. Steven Ku served as the former CFO of this company. He is now facing failure to supervise charges. In addition, Steven Ku is now banned from the securities industry for an entire year. Interestingly enough, Steven Ku is now a minister for NexGen Church. That being said, there are many more people involved in this situation.

Another person involved in this incident is Christopher Plaford. Christopher is known throughout the industry for his real estate investing endeavors. While Christopher Plaford pled guilty, he did name others in order to receive a more favorable sentence. To be specific, Plaford testified against Deerfield Capital, Lumiere, and Valvani. While he is currently allowed to invest right now, this might soon change.

While the key players in this incident are currently being brought to justice, one man is clearly the victim in this situation, Jacob Gottlieb. It's important to note that the CIO of Visium Asset Management, Jacob Gottlieb, was officially exonerated of any and all charges by the government.

Gottlieb graduated with a BA in Economics from Brown University, something that has always interested him since childhood. In addition, Gottlieb would go on to obtain a medical doctorate from NYU Medical School. Throughout his life, Gottlieb has had an extensive history of investing in many companies.

Initially, investing early in Visium worked well for Gottlieb. In fact, Gottlieb invested $50 million in seed funds to Visium in 2007. This investment was an extremely wise one, netting him over 20% in annual returns. However, the time would come when Gottlieb would be working hard to save Visium. Unfortunately, these efforts would be in vain as it's reported Gottlieb would begin using his own capital.

Regardless of the Visium situation, the future looks extremely bright for Gottlieb. He has now set forth to create a new venture named Altium. With his passion and extensive background in the field of healthcare, the decision to start this company makes perfect sense. Altium is a healthcare investment firm that specializes in funding small growth businesses. Considering Gottlieb's extensive investing experience, there's no doubt that the future also looks bright for Altium.

In closing, it appears that the fallout from Visium's dealings has run its course. While many guilty parties were dealt with by the SEC, there was one victim of this entire situation. The victim was Jacob Gottlieb. Fortunately, Gottlieb has an extensive history of being an incredibly wise investor. With that in mind, Gottlieb now serves as CEO of Altium. While he might have lost the most out of anyone after the Visium fallout, he stands to gain much more with his new venture.

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