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The EXW Real Estate Clouds Program - Access to the real estate industry without the hassle

Posted November 25, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Real Estate 2 0

The real estate business has always been considered a safe investment. For decades, real estate has seen consistent growth and stability. Investment gurus have always recommended it as a go-to investment for those who have a bit of money sitting in their bank account but don't want to take too much risk.

At the same time, the real estate business is notoriously hard to get into. There is a certain threshold of investment that is required to even get your foot in. You need to know the right people and identify the right opportunities. All of the unofficial requirements shave down a big percentage of the people who decide to try their hand at the real estate business.

The EXW ecosystem will change the way people think of the real estate business. The ecosystem is fueled by the EXW Token and anyone who is a user will be eligible to gain access to the EXW Real Estate Clouds (REC) program.

EXW Real Estate Clouds – An Introduction

The EXW Real Estate Clouds (REC) program will allow anyone with the EXW Token to gain access to the real estate industry. The EXW Token is bound to the real estate business. The stability of the real estate industry ensures reduced volatility for the EXW Token and consistent growth for the token’s value.

The REC program will convert the traditional economy system in real estate into a "cloud economy" that is more accessible to the average token user. The EXW has partnered with several real estate companies across the globe. The program will offer real estate options in different regions of the world to its users.

The program requires you to start with a minimum of 1000 EUROs worth of EXW Tokens. When subscribed, you gain access to the REC's online platform which can help you participate in real estate related projects around the world. The program also offers an extra token bonus for their users which is at least 7.2% and can go up to 48.1%, depending on your cloud and escrow period. Alongside the long-term bonus, users also get a daily bonus of 0.32% which they can withdraw through the EXW Wallet after finishing a 30-day joining period.

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses digital contracts to ensure ease of use and transparency for its users.

REC Clouds – Covering the world

The REC program’s real estate projects are being executed all over the globe. They have different bonus rates for different regions. Here are some of the distinguishable bonus packages offered by the program for different regions.

Europe Cloud

The Europe Cloud will have a bonus of up to 7.2% over the first year. Alongside this bonus, users will be able to withdraw their daily bonus of 0.32% through the EXW Wallet which is also part of the EXW Ecosystem. Although, this daily bonus can only be withdrawn after 30 days. After the first year, the bonus will rise to 18.9% and by the third year, it will get to 29.7%.

Asia Cloud

The Asia Cloud has a first-year bonus of up to 7.2%. This amount will become 18.9% by the second year and 29.7% after the second year. However, after completing 5 years with the program, the users will gain another boost to their bonus. They will now get 48.1% in their long-term REC participation bonus.

North America Cloud

The North America Cloud offers a 7.2% bonus for the first year, 18.9% after the first year, and 29.7% for the third year. However, after 4 years, users will gain a bonus of 41.3% for the long-term REC program participation.

A low-risk, high-reward system

The EXW REC program is an easy way to access the real estate market for those who want to get into the business but lack in experience or don’t meet their local financial threshold. Through the comprehensive program, users can not only benefit from the earnings of the REC program but also receive daily and annual bonuses.

The EXW Ecosystem is a mixture of innovative ideas and technologies built to help the token users take benefit from a number of services. The EXW bonus wallet, which is a special kind of wallet for the token’s users, allows them to earn even more special bonuses.

Furthermore, the users who are committed to the EXW’s Ecosystem can gain higher ranks which directly translates into more bonuses and other benefits. The EXW has a grounded approach towards making the cryptocurrency industry and the real estate business easily accessible for their users and they have a great plan to make it happen!

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