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Securing consistent profit as a part-time trader

Posted May 12, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Investing 1 0

In the Forex market, you can start trading as a full-time trader or even as a part-time trader. Either way, you can effective profits if you know how to trade properly. Mostly, those who are office worker choose to do trading as a part-time job, but not every one of them can stay in the market in the long run. You must pay attention to every aspect of the market to make profitable trades. There are some factors the part-timer traders should focus on as they can’t trade for the whole day. In the following article, you will be able to learn how part-time traders can make profit.

Observe the timeframe of the market

As a part-time trader, you should always focus on the timeframe so that you can find out the best time for you to trade. Trading at any time in the market won’t help you to make profits so you must look for the busiest hour. By trading during the busiest hour you can increase your win rate to a great extent. Never avoid the timeframe to make profits in the market. By focusing on the timeframe you can also save some time and can place for the others. So, before you place any trade, don’t forget to have a look at the timeframe to increase your winning rate.

Bombarding your mind with different time frame trade signals ruins your performance. The pro-UK traders often prefer to trade with a specific time frame. Though they study different time frame data, they emphasize on the specific time frame signals. It keeps the trading system organized and allows them to make more money.

Look at the price action

The price action plays a crucial role in the market so if you want to become successful as a part-timer, never forget to look at the price action. The price action of the market will allow you to find out for which trade you can place for. In the market you can’t make profits by placing for all the trades, so for that, you need to look at the price action properly. Many new part-timers lose in the trade often because they don’t pay attention to the price action properly.

The top traders at Saxo love to trade with price action signals. This method gives retail traders the perfect way to trade with tight stops. Taking the trades with a tight stop is a very efficient way to boost up the profit. It gives the retail traders a unique way to trade with the trend. Open a practice account and try to trade in a reliable pattern. It won’t take much time to gain confidence in this trading method.

Understand the market’s condition

The part-time traders should always observe and understand the market’s condition before they place for any trade. The Forex market is not a constant one, it keeps changing every now or then and the traders should observe the movement to make profits. If you place a trade against the market’s condition then you will surely end up with a big loss. You can also get a summary of the market if you can understand the market’s movement properly. The market’s condition also tells the traders whether they should place for a trade or not so for that you must understand it precisely.

If you are not sure about the condition of the market, ignore the trade setups. You don’t have to rush to earn money in trading.


To become successful as a part-time trader will be a tough, but if you pay attention to the above points properly you surely can. You need to act very smartly in the trades as you can’t trade for the whole day like the full-time traders. Every second counts for you so make sure you don’t waste any time. Work hard and be patient to become a successful trader and never forget to pay attention to the factors discussed above.

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