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New Quoting Experience: Progressive Makes it Easy for Agents

Posted August 11, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

Nowadays, insurance becomes necessary for your valuables. For this reason, numerous insurance agents are working in the market to educate people about different policies. In this scenario, seasoned veterans and new agents have to work faster to offer the best services.

For the assistance of agents, ForAgentsOnly (FAO) debuts new quoting experience. Visit this site ForAgentsOnly.com to get more details. It allows progressive agents to manage the policies of customers online. With this portal, you can improve the quality of services. Agents can get the advantage of competitive rates, higher claims, compact technology, and instant assistance for customers.

What is ForAgentsOnly?

This platform supports auto, renters, condo, and home. The recreational lines offer different features, including auto-filling forms across product quotes, third-party data, simplified quote, and deal with repeated information, side-by-side comparison screens, and buying experience.

With these plans, you can grow capabilities of a portfolio, such as integration for extra property products, and products from commercial lines. An insurance agent is responsible for selling and adjusting coverage for one or numerous insurers to increase profit and sales. The new quoting experience will help insurance agents to meet the needs of preferred customers. Main elements of this new feature are as under:

•                  Incorporate third-party data for agents to identify and add extra drivers, products registered, and vehicles to the address of customers.

•                  Auto-filing to replicate information across quotes of products to save time.

•                  Simplified quotes and purchase experience with recreational lines products, auto, renters, condo, and home in a workflow.

•                  Comparison screens allow agents to counsel their clients on the perfect coverage.

•                  Agents can highlight discount opportunities to increase the value of insurance plans for customers.

In the presence of a new quoting portfolio, agents can find different opportunities related to the specific needs of customers. With its fantastic capability, you can notice the meaningful improvement to the workflow.

Why is the comparison necessary for insurance?

You can’t sell a similar plan to every customer because each person has its specific needs. For this reason, insurance agents and customers must use comparison charts. With this information, it will be easy to compare the features and rates of different insurance plans. Every customer will share tell you how much coverage he/she needs. Comparison charts may make it easy for insurance agents to find out the best options for each customer.

New Quoting Experience for Agents

An insurance agent is responsible for developing promotional strategies and endorsing new insurance contracts. To create an impressive pool of potential clients, he has to breed productive relations via referrals, cold calling, and networking. With new quoting services, it will be easy to evaluate individual or business needs of customers and financial status. Based on this information, an insurance agent can propose special protection plans.

Working directly or indirectly with clients can increase the chances of risk management. You will get valuable information to choose a suitable plan for clients. It allows you to maintain database, records, and bookkeeping systems.

In numerous cases, customers may not understand the features of insurance policies. An insurance agent is responsible for convincing customers. With high preferred commission, a broad portfolio of insurance products and yearly bonuses, Progressive is facilitating new and experienced insurance agents. With ForAgentsOnly, agents can grow the capabilities of a portfolio. It will deliver the choice, personalization, business insights, and improve the policy servicing workflows.

Agents need an instant flow of knowledge to deal with customers. FAO provides insurance agents with the necessary information. Purpose of this platform is to buy, understand, and use insurance. Customers can get the advantage of numerous choices.

Become an Agent with Progressive

Progressive offers specialized insurance plans for commercial autos, personal autos, motorcycles, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, and homes. Anyone can become Progressive’s broker or agent. For this purpose, you have to spend 45 to 60 minutes. Agency will evaluate you via answer questions for marketing, production, and licensing information.

Territory and licensing sales manager will review your application to get additional information. You will get notification by the agency about rejection or approval or appointment. If you have good experience to work in an insurance agency, your chances to become a Progressive agent will be bright. It can be an ideal way for independent agents to build their business.   

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