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Is anyone can use hardware wallet without any training?

Posted July 4, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

It is not hard to know how to use hardware wallet. Anyone can learn it without any training. It is a major premise that you can operate the computer to some extent. Of course, I think that it is easy for those who can operate the computer and can search various things by themselves and can solve problems, but it is troublesome if you do not understand the hard fork and the remittance rules of each virtual currency.

Can I use it even if I'm a computer beginner? However, if you are not familiar with PCs to some extent, you will be in trouble if you do not know what the cause is when troubles or troubles occur. Our company has support for LINE @, so even beginners will be able to use it, but if you cannot read English at all and your computer is refreshing and you do not have support, I think it will be a little difficult.

In addition to that, virtual currencies are constantly updated, and it is necessary to check the correspondence of each exchange by changing the public key (address) by hard fork and the correspondence of wallet each time. If there are uncertain choices in the wallet, it is important to check before operation.

In addition, correct storage of private keys and security measures for personal computers are major prerequisites. Make sure you understand the types of cryptocurrencies you already have and the rules for sending and receiving money from exchanges before using them.

Tips to use hardware wallet easily

Once you're used to using a hardware wallet, it's very easy, but be sure to read the wallet description first. Remembering the PIN code will not cause any trouble. But forgetting your private key or PIN code can be a pain. Something like the last fort needed to access your private key hardware wallet. Lost = Remember that you can never take out the virtual currency inside.

Also, it is important to understand the money transfer rules and money receiving rules and methods of exchanges. The usability will change because the firmware of the hardware wallet itself is updated, the address changes depending on the coin, and there is a hard fork (split).

Therefore, it is necessary to take the time to properly understand the instruction manual of the hardware wallet and the method of money transfer. Do not leave it unclear somehow and check the details when sending money.

Can I use a hardware wallet on my iPhone?

Hardware wallet cannot be used on smartphone and iPhones. This is because in the case of Ledger, you need to install the app from the computer to the main unit. You also need to connect to your computer to update the anti-virus firmware. You will not be able to send money without a computer as it requires authentication on the main unit. Not only from iPhone but also from iPad. Some people want to use it with a manga cafe or a company's computer, but I would like to quit when considering security.

Company computers are not personally owned properties and should have an administrator. Also, if someone else sees your app installed, it's easy to reveal that you have virtual currency assets. In a sense, being known to others as having crypto assets is a risk. Be sure to use only your own computer at home. When you are going to start bitcoin, trading knows about the bitcoin future

To use your hardware wallet safely

Here are some things you need to know and be careful about using your hardware wallet safely. First, you need to understand the act of putting Bitcoin and other virtual currencies in your hardware wallet.

•    Be sure to do the initial setting yourself

•    Do not forget the PIN code

•    Do not lose the recovery phrase (private key)

•    All operations are self-responsibility, exchange cannot do anything

Where to buy a hardware wallet? Is now important. Because it is even suspicious. The number of foreign exhibitors is increasing on Amazon. You should not make use of a hardware wallet that has already been set up.

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