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How to Save Money on Your Clothing Costs and Dress Like a Queen

Posted July 24, 2012 by EasyFinance.com to Fashion 4 0

If you are like many women, you want to wear nice clothes, but you simply don’t have enough money to afford designer outfits, handbags, shoes, and accessories. With the economy in the shape that it is in, it is possible that you may not even be able to afford nice clothes without designer labels. Either way, a number of simple strategies can help you to afford nice clothing and accessories without spending an arm and a leg.

Shop at the End of the Season and Save Money

When clothing first arrives at a store, the price tags reflect the highest cost that someone will ever pay for it. The longer the clothing remains in the store, the more likely it is to become reduced in price. The longer you wait, the bigger the discount typically is. If you are worried that you won’t be able to buy the item that you want at the time the price is reduced, simply keep an eye on how many in your size are available at any given time. As long as several items in your size are available for purchase, you have a good chance of getting it.

Shop Liquidation Sales for Your Clothing

As stores go out of business, their merchandise is discounted considerably in an effort to sell it before the doors are closed for good. Shopping at a liquidation sale gives you the opportunity to come across great bargains that can save you tremendous amounts of money while providing you with luxury clothing fit for a queen. Before you get ready to run off and shop for some great clothing deals, it’s important for you to realize that all sales are usually final at events of this type. Use the Internet to search for liquidation sales in your area of the country.

Need a One-Time Outfit? Visit the Local Goodwill Store.

Whether you are searching for a prom dress, fancy cocktail dress, or something you can wear to your cousin’s wedding, visiting the local Goodwill shop can get you exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost. If you really want high-end merchandise, shop the Goodwill store located closest to the wealthiest neighborhoods. It’s possible that you might have a larger assortment of designer gowns to choose from in your size, and the merchandise is always in wearable condition. Sometimes, you can even find clothing with price tags that have never been worn.

Take Advantage of Internet Coupons

Browse the Internet for store coupons on clothing for an extra discount on your purchase. You may be able to sign up for the store’s newsletter, enabling you to receive Internet coupons by email.

Shop the Outlets and Look Like a Queen in Designer Clothing

If you want to save money on your clothing and still dress like a queen, you need to locate the closest outlet stores. The discounts are deep at the outlet stores, mainly because the merchandise is already one or more seasons past its introduction to the world of fashion. Since all styles are not available in every size, your selection is limited. Nonetheless, if you find clothing in your size, the savings in money is sure to be significant. Designer accessories are also deeply discounted at outlet stores. For the best results in finding good deals, you should frequent the outlet stores every month. Ask the sales associate which day deliveries are made and plan your shopping to coincide with the day after that. 

Take Advantage of Your Age

Many stores and outlet malls offer an additional discount off to senior citizens for shopping on specific days of the week. The age limit varies, so check first to see if you qualify before expecting to receive a discount. For some stores, the qualifying age is 50, but for other locations it starts at 55 or even 60. Typically, shoppers need a store card to take advantage of this offer at a specific store or chain, but the outlets generally just require proof of age.

Take Advantage of Special Sales Throughout the Year

Buying your clothes during a store sale can save lots of money. Take advantage of the sales to fill out your wardrobe with the latest styles without spending a lot of money. Typically, stores run their sales and offer significant discounts around the holidays – Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and so on. You should pay attention to each store’s pattern of sales, because the manager generally sticks to the same pattern of sales each year. You’ll be able to take advantage of a greater number of sales if you now when to expect them.

Get a Store Credit Card

Store credit cards are designed to encourage loyal shopping habits at the store, yet they offer benefits to the consumer as well. With a store credit card, shoppers can earn special rewards such as additional discounts, free gift wrap, or free shipping. Department stores and clothing boutiques often feature special discounts on their slowest sales days for the week. With a store credit card, you have access to these special sales, sometimes receiving as much as 50% off the purchase price of brand new clothing.

Rotate Your Accessories

Switching up the accessories that you pair with your clothing regularly creates a new look each time that presents the illusion that you have more outfits than you do. Not only do you save money since you don’t have to constantly replenish your clothing/accessories, but your outfits last longer. Not only should you rotate the accessories that you use, but you should shop for them using the same strategy that you use to shop for clothing.

Purchase Basic Colors

Buying from the array of basic colors enables you to blend your outfits more easily, either when layering or switching up your ensemble. Basic colors such as taupe, white, beige, and black make it easy to mix and match both clothing and accessories. Each time that you mix up an outfit, you give it a totally new look.


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