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How to Choose the Right CRM Software for Your Business

Posted June 27, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0

In today’s highly competitive world, with thousands of businesses just like yours that are trying to make it, it seems even harder than ever before to achieve success. Everyone is struggling to keep their customers happy and increase their revenue. Hence, the flood of applications, plug-ins and add-ons that deal with customer relationship management. Long passed are the days when managing of customer relationships meant having a giant box filled with papers about customers. Today, the data needed is a click away. That is, a click away if you use the right CRM software program.

With a sea of these CRM programs found online, how do you know which one to choose if you are not that savvy about technology?

Well, we decided to go straight for the best, the ones recognized as best since 2005 in the CRM kingdom- Siebel.

The company has changed quite a bit since its first years. Now, it offers complete solutions in form of different Siebel applications that will fit anyone’s business, regardless of how big or small they are, firstly because every Siebel application is scalable.

Secondly, the developers make sure that any Siebel application they create is upgradable, so that any new Siebel app can be easily connected with the previous one.

Thirdly, Siebel developers have tried to meet a myriad of different requirements each company has and as a result they have managed to create tailored made solutions that cover more than 20 different industries.

Today, there is a few types of business software programs that can be accessed through different client types, depending on what kind of crm software the client has installed, the network requirements as well as the app functionality that is available to the user.

Here is the list of what client types support Siebel Application:

Siebel Developer Web Client- a convenient testing platform for checking out the configuration and design changes as well as connecting with the database when Web and Siebel Server are not available, this highly-interactive client uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to connect with the main database.

Siebel Web Client- connecting straight from the client personal computer through a Web server to the Siebel database, this client allows the user to accesses information stored on the Siebel server

Siebel Mobile Web Client- Thanks to its mobility function, this portable Microsoft Windows client does not require to be connected to the server. It is perfect for all employees on the go who are not constantly connected to the network, as it utilizes the database found on every mobile device. This Siebel application does connect to the Siebel remote server from time to time in order to synchronize the data. This is done through a WAN, LAN or dial-up connection. In order to function, the user has to install Siebel software onto their personal computer.

Siebel Wireless Client- This is a Siebel application that can run in different browsers on different mobile devices without having to install Siebel software on the client. The client connects with the Siebel database via Web and Siebel Servers utilizing a wireless gateway.

A third-party application can connect to the Siebel remote server and process the data in its own way ans store it locally if needed. The result can be an offline-capable mobile friendly system.

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