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How to Calculate Gold Pips in Foreign Exchange Markets

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Trading in Gold can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. To start you off, this article gives a guideline on pips, what they are, how to calculate pips in forex, and where they are in Gold as a commodity. The article also explores the advantages of gold trading, why you should consider it, and several tips to go about gold trading.

What are Pips in Forex Trading?

Currency pairs are mainly priced up to four decimal places. The slightest change is on the very last number after the decimal point. For example, in a $0.0001 currency price, the smallest change could be on one, the last digit after a decimal point. While pips have four decimal places, a pipette has five decimal places. In most pairs, a pip is equal to 1/100th of one percent, simply 0.01%.

The 0.01% value is also referred to as a basis point (BPS). A BPS is an ordinary unit of measure for interest charges and their financial percentages. A single BPS is equivalent to 0.01%, which is 1/100th of one percent. It signifies a percentage variation in the exchange rate. Pips are very useful in forex trading.


  • A pip is 0.00010 on every 5 decimal currency pair
  • A pip is 0.010 on every 3 decimal currency pair
  • A pip is 0.10 on every 2 decimal currency pair


Calculating a pip is easy as it includes very simple steps. Pips are crucial as they quickly calculate your potential gains or losses. They are suitable for all investors as every investor aims at making a profit in every trade. With a risk prediction after your calculation, you can try to manage the risk or avoid it.

How do you Calculate Xauusd Pips?

If you invest in a spot instrument, your pip value is always on the second cited symbol on a pair. Therefore, for a EURAUD/USD, the pip value is in U.S. Dollars. This is also applicable in commodity pairs like Gold XAU USD, so the pip value is usually in USD.

When it comes to indices, the value will be in the country's currency hosting the stock index. For example, if GER30 is trading in Europe, the value will be in Euro. Also, if US500 trades in the United States, the point value is based on the U.S. Dollars.

Calculating pips in Gold is quite easy. Precisely, a pip is one cent or $0.01. However, it is better to relate values in cents or dollars when trading in Gold. If you are trading in 0.01 lots, then the price shoots to $1.00 in favor of your investment, you get $1.00. the spreads range from $0.40 to $1.00 and vary depending on the broker. Typically, every dollar move represents 100 pips.

One percent of 10,000 is $100. Therefore, when you trade in a full 1.0 lot, every dollar translates to $100; thus, you only need to move two and cover both your spread and $100 net profit. If you plan big, your slippage may be more than $2. By calculating a pip, you signal and make the necessary adjustments.

How are Gold pips Calculated in Forex?

There is no standard pip in Gold trading like there is in pairs. Cents are mostly used as pips in Gold trading. Since pip equals a change at one point in 4 decimal places of a currency pair, it is easy to calculate it. Your invested capital will determine how much profit or loss you make. Large capitals will translate to large monetary consequences.

You can calculate your pip monetary value by multiplying your capital size with 0.0001. Every time you trade-in Gold and the market favors you; you earn $1.00 in every pip movement. Pips are your spreads. However, they may vary according to your broker. In the same way, if the market acts against your capital, you will lose $1.00 for every pip movement. It is wise to first study the forex market before trading. Understand the risks involved and use a pip difference calculator to calculate your pips.

Where is the PIP in Gold?

Gold trading is becoming very popular. Investors are looking to invest in precious metals as they are rewarding. However, you need a good trading strategy before investing in this kind of trade. There are diverse strategies when it comes to gold trading, thou they demand a technical analysis. The pip in Gold is not so evident but relates significantly to pips in currency pair.

Gold is always priced in U.S. Dollars. Generally, a pip in Gold relates to 0000.01 value in every five-digit broker. However, the value changes when it comes to a four-digit broker. Rather than calculating pips in Gold, you determine how many cents in dollars the Gold is going up or down. When trading Gold, keep in mind that $1.00 translates to a hundred pips.

Why Invest in Gold Trading?

So much has changed, including gold trading. Originally, gold traders had to buy golds and later resell them, which was quite challenging. Later, options and futures were introduced; hence traders would trade and avoid different valuables. There was a new way to trade through gold exchange-traded funds with time, making gold trading more comfortable. Investors would now trade Gold, just like stocks in the market. Currently, the gold trading approach is by far the best. You can now trade gold similarly to trade forex.

There are so many spread-betting platforms that make gold trading more straightforward. Similarly to currency trade, you only need to buy or sell depending on your price predictions. It is even more advantageous to trade in Gold as contrary to currency; this is a physical commodity. You should invest in gold trading as it is mainly a store of value and faces fewer government regulations than currency trading.

The Advantage of Trading Gold over Forex

Gold trading outweighs forex trading in several ways. To start with, Gold is referred to as a store of value hence fewer financial regulations from both the government and central bank. Unlike currencies, Gold is not affected by inflation, which makes it your ideal investment option. You can also invest in Gold to diversify your risk while trading on other assets like treasury bonds. With this, you will have your peace of the mind while trading in other risky assets.

Rather than choosing currencies and stocks with unfavorable interest rates, you can sell Gold with a rise in risk appetite. Gold trades actively for 24 hours a day. Most markets close when New York closes hence less trading volume-limiting price movement that benefits traders. Gold trading occurs throughout, making it a highly liquid investment.

Moreover, gold trading is cheaper than currency trading since it leans on market liquidity. It records the highest trading volume compared to other trades making it ideal. Additionally, there are slight changes in the price movement, so you suffer less loss. Furthermore, you can use a pip calculator to calculate your pip targets in the gold trade.

Tips to Utilise in Gold Trading

There are few tips that a beginner or an advanced trader can use while trading in Gold. A beginner should pay attention to the market sentiment and where it will move to in fundamental analysis. A positive shift signals a fall in price while a negative indicates a price rise. An experienced trader should consider the dollar on the top of the market sentiment. The dollar price of Gold is stable, so an investor can buy it in case of political threats and sell in the future. Such a trader should also be keen on the output price of primary gold companies.

It is wise to use forex gold trading tips. Factors like targets, risk warning trading management, or leveraging should be considered. Consider the industrial demand of both gold jewelry and Gold before making a purchase. You can also pay attention to the Central Bank. Always use calculators like the silver value calculator when investing in precious metals. Was this article helpful? If yes, consider sharing it via your social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

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