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How to avail personal loan with bad credits?

Posted February 26, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Banking 1 0

If ones credit is not that good, it's still possible to get a personal loan. But the availability of lenders will be limited and interest rates will be probably high. If one urgently needs money, it’s advisable to shop wisely and understand loan terms well.

Where to look for a personal loan

A personal loan is usually available in various financial institutions which include; credit unions, online lenders, community banks and national banks. Individuals can easily get a personal loan from an online lender. They have loan terms and qualifications which are similar to traditional banks. Others do not require your credit status to be good but they have other requirements and may go through your bank account or employment history. Some online lenders tend to charge high interest rates but this should not limit anyone from getting a loan. One should make sure that he or she has a clear understanding of the loan to be applied for.

Compare loan terms

Loan approved for individuals with bad credit tends to cost more because lenders view one as a greater credit risk. Since personal loans for individuals with bad credit are more expensive it is wise to compare loan terms to get the best option. There are a few terms one should consider when comparing loan terms, they include;

  • Percentage rate per annum
  • The period for loan repayment
  • Monthly installments
  • Loan maximum and minimum

Reasons to take out a personal loan if you have bad credit

Qualifying for a personal loan can be difficult and costly for a person with poor credit. Getting bad credit loans is important in certain situations. Loan option should help individuals financially in the long term. This depends on the loan amount, terms as well as the purpose of the loan. Personal loan for an individual with poor credit can be important if; one has unexpected expenses or has high-interest credit card debt

Payday loan

This loan is usually owed in the next pay date along with charges. A payday lender does not usually check an individual's credit to approve a loan. Their requirements are; credit union or prepaid card account, active bank and valid identification. It is easier to get a payday loan with poor credit but also can be difficult to repay. Before going to payday loans, it's wise to research on other alternatives such as signing up for overdraft protection on the bank account and getting the loan from credit unions.

What to do if denied a personal loan

When one is denied a personal credit with poor credit, one should consider these two options, improving on credit status or search for other borrowing alternatives. If one research on this options carefully, one can make the appropriate financial choice by either finding the appropriate lender for bad credit loans or waiting to borrow when credit status improve and get a loan with better terms.

Bottom line

It takes time to improve on credit so as to qualify for better loan terms. If one has a lower credit status and needs an urgent loan it is always wise to find a credit union or online lender who offers loans to the borrower with poor credit. Individual needs to compare loan terms and rates to find affordable lenders who are willing to work together with them. Also if one cannot find a favorable option which can be paid easily, it advisable to wait and work on the credit.

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