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How Do I Save My Struggling Business?

Posted May 26, 2022 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 0 0

Running and maintaining any business is usually a combination of struggle and hard work. While many people decide to quit when they find themselves in a position where the business isn't working and facing financial difficulties, it shouldn't be the end. A small tweak in the things you do can help you turn around the company and arrive at success.

Common Reasons Your Business Is Struggling

  • You have too many expenses, including hefty taxes with limited receivables
  • No clear financial plan, including financing
  • Poor cash flow based financial planning
  • Being a one-man show without help

How to Save Your Struggling Business

The following are ways to save your struggling business from collapsing.

Have a Clear Financial Strategy

Many businesses often struggle due to a lack of a clearly defined financial plan, including tax plan, cash flow, receivables, and suppliers. A financial plan will give you a precise estimate of your business's receivables and outgoings to help you make better business decisions. It's important to consult with a financial consultant or firm, like Pherrus Financial, to help you with your financial planning.

Your Business Is in Serious Debt

Debts that arise from different factors like late-paying clients, accumulated taxes, or the loss of a contract are inevitable in business. However, when debt becomes too much to handle, how you manage them can determine whether your business survives or sinks.  If you find out that your debts are too high and threatening your business, seek rescue and recovery support. An example is loan consolidation for business or finding an investor.

Find Alternative Financing Options

Most startups and SMEs often experience the same trouble of unpaid or late invoices. When accumulated, late payments can slow the operation of a business and its financial process. Limited cash flow is bad for business.

If you are dealing with unpaid invoices, you can seek invoice financing. A factoring company can come in handy in this case. Alternatively, you can go for the traditional financing option of a bank loan or asset financing if you're purchasing something. Either way, always make sure you don't let your business fall short of cash flow.

Fix Your Cash Flow Handling, Prioritize Receivables

You have to maximize your incomings and the outgoings to maintain a healthy cash flow. Some of the practices you can use are:

  • Make regular deposits to keep the finance flowing and build good credit with your bank.
  • Ask clients for late payments. Most clients need a gentle nudge to pay their invoices. You shouldn't be afraid to remind your clients to pay up their invoices.
  • Use your outgoing repayment terms, such as requiring your clients to pay invoices within 30 days or requiring post-dated cheques.
  • Be honest when dealing with suppliers and tell them about your struggling cash flow. They may be lenient on you.

Maximizing how you handle your business' cash flow and prioritizing your receivables can keep it in a much stronger position and salvage it from closure. In addition, getting professional cash flow based financial planning from experts can help in decreasing debt, freeing up more cash flow, and building your wealth and your assets for the future. 


To salvage your struggling business, you can create a financial plan, cut your cysts, prioritize your receivables, and fix your cash flow. Eliminating your discretionary spending and getting your receivables in time can help you fix the cash flow issues.

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