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Get your First Job as a Student

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Nowadays, a lot of students are looking for job opportunities to get additional income or acquire particular skills. According to the Guardian, 45% of teenagers work part-time. It is almost a half. Most of the students work, 10-20 hours a week, on holidays or in summer. However, 13% of teenagers combine a full-time job and education. 

If you don’t know how to get your first job at college, this guide will be helpful for you. Keep on reading the post and find out the step-by-step instruction on how to get the first job when you’re a student. However, remember that a job should not distract you from studying and worsen your college score. 

Make a Self-Journey

First of all, you have to analyze your skills and determine what you’re good at. After this, start looking for a job that matches your skills and makes you happy. It is crucial, as the first job experience will affect your attitude to work in further life. Try to find a job that engages and doesn’t make you feel exhausted. 

If you work on a job that takes all your power, you will have no energy to study well at college. Therefore, you will need to use college homework help websites to get a high score at college.

Create a Resume

Everybody knows that CV is required if you’re looking for a job. Briefly, it is a paper that brings crucial information about you, highlights your professional skills, and implies a detailed report about your working experience in the form of a timeline. If you’re a college student with no working experience, focus on your education, personal qualities, and hobbies, creating a resume.


Don’t know how to create a CV by yourself? Surf the Internet and find an online resume builder. There are a lot of web applications that will help you to create an astonishing resume for free. In case, you want professional writers to create a breath-taking resume for you, consider ordering cheap academic writing on the Internet.

Research on Job Opportunities

Once your resume is ready, it’s about time to start looking for a job. The 21st century brings a lot of opportunities for undergraduate students who want to start working. Examine the list of the most popular ways to find a job, and start from the most effective in your opinion. 

Use Job Websites

It is the most widespread and one of the most effective ways to find the first job. Sing up on the leading job sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, etc. After this, upload your resume on these platforms and specify what job you’re looking for. Therefore, thousands of recruiters who are ready to hire a student with no working experience will see your CV. 

Also, do not hesitate to surf open vacancies by yourself and send your resume to the companies where you want to work. To increase the chance of getting a job, supplement your application with a cover letter. If you’re not good at writing papers and always ask your friend - “Who can write me an essay?” feel free to contact an assignment writing service and pay to get a top-notch cover letter. 

Surf Websites with Ads 

Do not forget about websites like Craigslist, Classisifedads, and Trovit to find a one-time or permanent jobs in your area. Using these websites, you can easily find lawn care, outdoor cleaning, or pet-sitting jobs. However, there are a lot of job offers from large companies. Never forget to research a company before sending your CV to avoid scams.

Surf Internship Programs and Startups

The best option to get the first job is to do an internship. It is perfect for students who have no working experience and want to acquire new skills. It’s easy to find an internship program. Open your browser and search for some trainee vacations for students.


Also, you can consider working in a startup if you want to get some working experience for your resume. A lot of startups offer non-paid positions for students who wish to get the first job. Due to a large number of applicants at startup projects, you should have a strong motivation letter to get a job. At this point, feel free to order a cover letter at SpeedyPaper, an online paper writing company. If you have any doubts, check the SpeedyPaper review before making any payment. 

Use Your Connections

One of the easiest ways to get a job is to use the help of friends. If you have friends who work on part-time jobs, ask them - “can you help me to get the first job?”. I am sure that your mates will assist you. 

Also, you can use the power of social connections. Create a post on social media, asking your friends and subscribers if they know some good vacancies for students. 

Contact Companies in your Area

Do not hesitate to visit some companies in your city where you want to work. Ask hire managers if they have any part-time jobs for students. For sure, hire recruiters will appreciate your ability to work in their company and offer some positions that suit your requirements. Even if there are no jobs for students in a particular company, do not forget to leave your resume. 


Join Freelance Platforms

Do you have particular skills and want to earn money online? Well, create accounts on freelance platforms and start offering services online. If you always get high grades for university essays, consider providing college paper help. It will be a first step in building a successful copywriter career. 

For sure, if you’re a novice on a freelance platform with a zero satisfaction rate, it will be hard to get orders. However, if you will work hard, you’ll boost your account, and a one from satisfied clients may offer you permanent employment.

Concluding Words

Now you know a lot of ways on how to get a teen job. We advise you to pay closer attention to your resume as it showcases your interests and personal characteristics. After this, share your resume online and visit companies in your area by yourself. Also, do not hesitate to ask your friends to help you.

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