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Best Profitable Shopify Drop Shipping Ecommerce Paid Marketing Strategies

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Drop shipping is a business model that you can use to operate your store without having the need for records or inventory. As soon as you’ve made a deal with your supplier, they will ship your products from their warehouse directly to your customer’s doorstep. You’ll never have to worry about shipping, storing, and packaging your merchandise.

Why You Should Drop Ship


Drop shipping is a good business model for beginners as it’s easy to start and can be automated. It also has low risks and low costs.

Here are some marketing strategies that can help you achieve a profitable Shopify business:


1. Upsell


When ordering in fast food chains, you may come across questions like, “Would you like to upsize your drink?” This is called upselling.

Upselling is effective in getting returning customers to patronize an upgraded version of the product you’re offering. Through upselling, you can convince your customers of the many benefits that they’ll receive once they get the premium version of the product.

For example, one of the products has good leather and the other one has a special part that is handmade. Just make sure to emphasize the benefits and differences if the customer wants to upgrade.


Take note that there are 2 main considerations when upselling.


  • Ensure that you upsell related to the primary product.

  • Be aware of the expected price range of your customers.


2. Run Facebook Ads


Facebook Carousel ads can drive up to 10 times more traffic and it can give you more room to tell a story than a static ad. You can include up to 5 products and encourage people to click through to learn more. This applies for both advertisers in Facebook and best instagram advertising agencies, and it will only take a few simple steps to create a Carousel ad: From your page, click the “Promote” button on the top right corner and select “Promote Website,” which will enable you to upload 3 to 4 images on the ad.

To start a Carousel ad campaign from the Facebook adverts manager, click on “Create Advert” where you will see a few options to choose from, namely, “Send people to your website,” “Increase conversions” or “Get installs of your app.” You will be asked to select an audience and budget at this point. Afterwards, you can make your creative Carousel ad.


3. Google Smart Shopping campaigns


With Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns, you can run an effective Google campaign without being familiar with advanced ad settings. Google will handle the hard work for you, as it will automatically create ads after it pulls out your product information from Shopify. Google will then show the audience your ads in the most relevant locations in desktop and mobile, including Google search, YouTube, and Gmail. While your ads run, Google’s technology will scan the results and use this to optimize your campaign without trouble.


4. Influencer marketing


Consumers are aware of more advertisements as brands have different strategies to appeal to their target market. One of these strategies is by collaborating with an influencer or someone who has credibility within a certain niche.

Since an influencer builds attention and trust over social media, paid product endorsements are now being more welcomed among audiences compared to standard advertisements. Influencer marketing is most commonly seen in social media, YouTube, and blogs. For instance, fashionable people who share their style guides on social media like Instagram, YouTube,  and Facebook are getting considerable results when asked to promote a brand.


5. Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is when a blogger posts a link on their website that carries your article. This article, in turn, features the product you’re trying to sell. An affiliate marketer earns when someone clicks on the link and purchases the featured product. Affiliates will take a percentage of the commission depending on the type of product you’re marketing. This arrangement can be beneficial for your business since bloggers have already built an audience that you can tap into.


6. Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)


This can be one of the base elements in an e-commerce marketing strategy. If you’re unfamiliar with pay-per-click, your brand will have to pay an advertising network like Google for every time the viewer clicks on your advertisement.

There are several types of PPC advertisements, such as paid search, display, and shopping campaigns since they’re the most relevant in the success of e-commerce businesses. Though there are different PPC ad networks like Bing Ads, Amazon Advertising, and others, using Google as the primary source of PPC advertisements is the most popular and easiest method to use.


7. Create a Referral Program


Referral marketing gets previous clients to help a company get new customers through referrals or word-of-mouth advertising. Rewards can be offered in the form of cash.

For both sides of the partnership, it’s a win-win scenario. For example, Uber is using referral programs for both riders and drivers, wherein the partner or a potential driver refers someone by sharing their personal code. If they used it to become a driver, both parties will earn a bonus reward.

Another example is a rider-to-rider referral program, where one rider shares their code to another. Should the second rider use this code during their first ride, they will earn a bonus reward.



Always remember that your intentions are the key to crafting and developing an effective marketing strategy. Aside from avoiding e-commerce mistakes like choosing the wrong platform, not targeting your audience, and having a complicated checkout process, make it your priority to create effective marketing strategies for your business. Be detail-oriented and organized, and keep the above tips in mind for when you want to improve your e-commerce website.

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