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8 Rules You Need To Remember Before Looking for an Engagement Ring

Posted October 7, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Women & Finance 1 0

It's a no-brainer, engagement is a very important purchase- it is loaded with love and symbolism, so the last things you want to do is screw it up when looking for one. In orders day, choosing one was simple, but these days, there's a lot to consider when making this monumental purchase. Here are 8 rules you must keep in mind before you go shopping


Rule 1: The price tag is not the priority


It's not about how much you spend on the ring. You want to spend, one month salary, two-month salary, a year of your salary, that's up to you, but the truth is, this should not be your focus, your focus should be about her. Many women prefer a small, less expensive ring or even a vintage one, so you may end up spending your year's salary for something that she won't appreciate. For most women, the ring style is all that matter, not the price tag. If your lover wants a fancy ring, then purchase promise rings for couples. It is a simple way for saying you love someone and someday you will get them what they want.


Rule 2. Don't get caught up with the trend


An engagement ring is a classic symbol of love, so, when you are shopping, your single most important goal is to find something that is a perfect match. Look at the modern jewelry, but find something that will match her style. Is she a gold or a platinum person? Does she opt for a minimal piece? Whatever her style is, make sure you get s piece that she will want to wear every day of her life.


Rule 3. Certificate grading should be second


Diamond experts will always classify a stone based on their color, cut, clarity, and carats. While all these small aspect matters, they should be just one of the many factors to consider when purchasing a ring. Pick a stone based on your preference while still considering your partner’s preference rather than the GIA grading. Make the grading your starting point, but don’t let guide your final decision.


Rule 4. Research where the stone came from


You need to soak every detail about the source of the ring; the last thing you want is to propose only to find out that the stone was involved unethical source gem. Do not overlook this, because it’s not just about giving her a ring; it is also about discussing it when you give it. You will have to answer some questions, prove that the stone was source can be traced.


Rule 5. The setting is second


A quality setting or the metal framework where your stone is mounted give a ring its tone. But it shouldn’t be a priority; the priority should be the center stone. Think of the center stone as the piece of artwork, while the setting is the frame. Your focus is one the artwork, not the setting. Let the ring reflect the style of your fiancé, so find an expert and let them know what you need.


Rule 6. Work with a Jeweler


For many people walking into a store and picking thing may work, but for most people customs stuff feel more special. It would be a good idea to think about the latter. When it comes to engagement rings, most people want something between vintage and modern. They also want quality and something with unique shape. This is why it is important to work with the jeweler, he or she will give you the custom feeling you want.


Rule 7. Don’t shop alone


Yes, this is a rule when looking for a ring; get help from a friend especially one who has been engaged and have had some experiences shopping for one. It may also be a good idea to come along with someone who knows you as well as your spouse, because most of the time, this person will have an idea of what fits you and your fiancé.


Rule 8. Think outside the box


We talked about not getting caught up with the trend, but this does not mean you shouldn't get something classy and something that will make your fiancé feel special. Think outside the box, get something unique but also something that feels fashion, relevant, not something that's boring or predictable.


Remember that it is not about the price, it’s not about trend, it’s not about the size, the cut, the type of stone, it’s all about her. These aspect matters, if you are fortunate enough to make $300,000 a year, well don't buy $100 predictable engagement ring. Just be her for a little while, think about her style, what will make her happy.

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