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7 Proven Simple Hacks That Will Improve Your Financial Status

Posted March 6, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

Your financial status says a lot about you and it is a concern for everybody. Here are seven Proven Life Hacks to Save Money to improve your status.


Regardless of how much you earn, being proactive with your finances can improve your financial status. Expenses, debts, and sometimes lack of commitment to your financial health can stagnate you. Yet if you’re serious about your financial security, learning to save is crucial.

These seven life hacks to save money can help you reduce expenses, cut debts, and increase savings.

Track your Money

Tracking finances can help you manage your money well. Every day, it’s vital to know your financial status. Otherwise, you’ll spend without control and struggle to save.

There are too many aspects that influence your financial status. Given the many demands in your life, it’s possible to lose sight of some elements. You can buy a new outfit and forget to account for it as an expense.

Thanks to personal finance software, you have a reliable life hack to manage and save your money. This software helps you track the day-to-day cash flows. Every day, you can get the status of your spending, pending debts, investments, and savings. 

The software can also help you save some bookkeeping costs. The software auto-updates all transactions and provides you with the latest financial status. That way, you can save on an accountant and reduce your expenses.

Pick the Right Saving Tools

Financial experts recommend saving at least 20% of your income. For some people, that may seem impossible. However, if you master a few life hacks to save money, you can reach your financial goals. Once you can track your expenses, you need the right tools to protect your savings.

One of the great life hacks for saving money is to not have an accessible saving. This may cause you to use it in unnecessary moments. Many people use fixed accounts to lock savings.

Banks provide financial tools based on your savings goals. People that are saving for the short term prefer using the tools that allow easy-withdrawals. Savings accounts are excellent if you’re saving for a short term goal.

Certificates of deposits are tools that can help you earn interest on your savings. They can keep your savings secure and instill discipline by preventing frequent withdrawals.

If you want to invest your savings, you can buy stocks, securities, or mutual funds. These financial products are riskier than savings. While they keep your money secure, they don’t guarantee returns. 

Automate Savings

The oldest of the life hacks to save money is to spend less than you earn. Sometimes the temptation to spend can be irresistible. After a few months of consistency, you can be off the track veering away from your financial goals.

One financial trap that you need to evade is saving the scraps after paying off expenses. The challenge here is you’ll always spend more than you earn. Saving will seem unachievable.

If you get into a cycle of overspending, it’s time you automate your savings. That way, you can have the savings debited to a separate account before you start to spend. Automating the savings can help you plan. You won’t stress anymore about saving, and you may even save more than expected. 

Reduce Utility Bills

Once you automate your savings, don’t backtrack on this. Think of more life hacks to save more money to add to this. Reducing utility bills is one of the famous tricks to save on expenses.

The best way to start is to identify the items that consume energy and water. If possible, replace all water and energy inefficient machines with more efficient ones. There are also many tricks you can use to reduce utility expenditure.

For instance, most of your home’s energy goes to heat and cooling. Some tricks on HVAC can help to improve efficiency and save a chunk of your utility bills. 

Replace air filters to improve airflow. If you stay away from home for some days, switch to a programmable thermostat to save energy. Insulating air ducts can also improve the HVAV’S efficiency by 20%. 

Audit your Automatic Subscriptions

Chances are you’re paying for monthly or annual subscriptions that you don’t use a lot. You can save a few dollars by unsubscribing from some prepaid services.

Audit your subscriptions to know what’s useful. Check subscriptions such as the gym, Zulu, Amazon, Netflix, and social clubs.

Unsubscribe from the dormant subscriptions. For the programs that you keep, switch to a manual renewal mode. That way, you can review every month whether you still need the services. 

Focus on the Priorities

If you’ve started saving, kudos!. You’re past the difficult part of improving your financial status. Another life hack that you must master and save money is how to prioritize.

Financial priorities can be overwhelming. There are many things to focus on, and any indecisiveness can cost your financial future. Debts payoff, retirement, emergency funds, and college costs all face you!

How do you rank all these financial responsibilities? You can focus on everything at a go. But, at least you can start by setting aside an emergency fund. Then you can move to a retirement plan and debts payoff in that order.

Afterward, start saving on future events that may get you into debt. Examples here include weddings, mortgage, buying a car, or kids’ education

Control Your Spending Habits

Poor spending habits contribute to extravagance and increasing debt. Some bad spending habits include:

  • Too much reliance on credit cards instead of using cash

  • Buying items that you didn’t include in your budget

  • Buying from convenience stores

  • Using debt to settle debts

Controlled spending can help you reduce expenditure and shift the cash to savings. 

You can start by using cash when shopping instead of credit cards. That way, you can track your spending. If you can’t stick to shopping lists, be sending someone else to do your shopping. 

Meanwhile, buying from convenience stores exposes you to high prices. You can also buy generic items to avoid paying for the brand names. For instance, generic rice can be cheaper than the branded price. 

Embrace These Life Hacks to Save Money

Saving money is a personal commitment. You should embrace all the life hacks to save money here and embark on a journey to change your financial status. It will be difficult, and challenging, but go step by step to make it work. 

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