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6 Benefits Prove Travel Insurance is Well Worth the Cost

Posted May 9, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Insurance 1 0

You might think the two decisions you need to make when booking a trip is where you’re going to stay and how you’re going to get there. Whether or not you buy travel insurance is another question. In many cases, it is a good decision to get travel insurance to cover non-refundable travel expenses. I’ll explain to you why.

1. Which Travel Insurance Plan is Best for You?

Travel insurance is designed to cover events such as trip cancellation, medical emergency, and stolen, lost or damaged luggage by an airline. It also covers other related losses incurred while traveling.

Every insurance company has different coverage plans, before choosing a plan compare travel insurance providers to find the best policy in an affordable range.

Some policies offer both higher and lower rates; you should choose according to your budget and requirements. Before buying insurance keep these 3 things in mind.

Payment time and requirement: Does the agreement require you to submit a written report of the incident within a time? What supporting document are you supposed to attach to your claim?

Available upgrade:  How much will you pay to extend the insurance to your baggage? How much does it cost to include things that you might buy abroad such as paintings and furniture?

Alcohol and Drugs: Does the policy cover you if something happens while you are under the influence of drugs?

2. Vacation Investment

Let’s say you pay $30,000 for a luxury trip, but the day before your departure your father suffer a serious fall and end up in the hospital. When you call the company and explain what happened, they’re sympathetic, but you’re not getting your money back. Their policies clearly say that there are no refunds if you cancel your trip within 14 days of departure.

These situations raise the need for travel insurance. If you have insurance, it helps you to get reimbursement for prepaid nonrefundable money when you cancel your trip for a genuine reason. These reasons may include a situation like severe injury or illness of an insured person or his traveling companion.

3. Medical Emergencies

Some health insurance policies won’t cover you in other countries. But travel insurance plan gives all medical emergencies abroad.

If you’re traveling abroad and have an accident or become ill, their policies would cover medical costs. It includes emergency transportation and medical care. Emergency medical migrations will get you out of a remote area and transport to a place where you can receive proper medical care.

It also includes accidental death and ensures your body properly transported home. They fill out your life insurance benefits and provide extra coverage for your family.

4. Stress-Free Stay

If you’re injured, sick or some other emergencies are keeping you in your holiday destination, travel insurance companies may be able to recompense you for any emergency accommodation until you’re ready to fly.

5. Replacement of Lost or Stolen luggage

Unfortunately, losing your luggage or having them stolen is common when you away from home. At that time, you may need to pay to replace your passport, or you have to buy new clothes. Travel insurance can compensate you for these expenses.

6. Personal Liability

Travelling is unpredictable. If you’re involved in someone else’s injury or damage to their property, travel insurance can cover you. Whether you are abroad or at home, travel insurance policies favor you to compensate for damages or emergencies.

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