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5 Ways to Save Money on Fitness

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We understand how hard it can be on your wallet to stay fit that’s why we took it upon ourselves to present you with top 5 ways to save money on fitness. If you are on a budget, a little self-discipline and some innovative techniques can dramatically cut down cost. The folks at dadquarters has some tips for saving on fitness and weight loss meals with dedicated promo codes. Save money on fitness with these simple to follow tips:

1. Exercise at home and not at Gym Centers

Outside the fact that gym centers come with some form of membership fee, try to swap most of the power equipment with exercises at home that help build up muscles in your legs, arms and core.

Spend the little money you have on the right fitness exercise rather than on equipment. You will get the most out of your fitness routine by having a dedicated trainer visit you at home to show you exercises tailored to suit your body needs. The average cost of a session with a dedicated trainer is around $80. The best part is that you can have a friend or colleague participate in the session with you to share the cost.

The cheaper alternative to dedicated trainers is using workout DVDs. DVDs are one of the most cost-effective ways of staying fit. Your total savings can go as high as a thousand bucks.

2. Consider Recreational Centers

As opposed to fancy gym centers you can optionally maximize the facility in recreational centers for a fraction of a cost.  Some recreational centers have pools, yoga areas, sports facilities, running tracks and a lot more.  There is so much fun and excitement around recreational centers to keep you active. The best part is they cost little to nothing to use.

3. If you must use the Gym

Yes, we have presented cool alternatives to using costly gym centers but there are persons who can’t do without the gym. If you fall into that category remember that membership fees in gyms are not cast on stone. They can be negotiated.

Don’t feel shy to strike a bargain with gym center managers. Tailor in your short and long term fitness goals plus regular usage to strike the right bargain. Negotiating is part of running a successful business, so have a go at it. We are certain you will be pleasantly surprised at the options hidden in plain sight.

4. Take your workout routines outside

Treadmills and epileptic trainers are good but nothing beats the traditional outside jogging and biking. They are more fun to engage in and will help you burn more calories than traditional exercise bikes.  One of the best exercises for cardio is to walk; all you need is a good pair of shoes with an extra level of support for traction.

Most fitness experts agree that the best approach for cardio is to take things one step at a time. Start off with 30 minutes a day speed-walking for three days a week and incrementally work your way to doing so for five times a week within two months.

5. There is strength in Numbers

There is a great strength in numbers, not just numbers but with individuals with lots of positive energy to support each other.  There are community focused exercise experts who offer their services to a set group of people at a much-reduced cost. These groups not only offer a unique way to stay fit but they are also channels of socializing with people with the same fitness goals.

Adult basketball league teams, adult soccer league teams are some examples of grouped based sports teams you can get in to reach your fitness goals. The training and constant games undertaken by these teams are a great way to boost cardio.

Final Thoughts

We are certain these aren’t the only ways you can save up on fitness cost. With some innovative steps you can cut as much as a thousand dollars on fitness. Remember that prices on gym centers aren’t cast on stone negotiate your way to fitness.

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