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5 reasons why SMS marketing should be part of your marketing strategy

Posted March 30, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0

SMS marketing should be considered as a sure endeavor for any entrepreneur who wants to have a successful business. As part of your marketing strategy, you should consider SMS marketing. See 2020 best sms list. The use of text messaging is quickly emerging as one of the best and most reliable ways to successfully commune with your customers. So in this article, you shall find reasons you should consider SMS marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

1.       It's personal:

Interpersonal relationships between you and your customer is essential in developing your business. You can reach out to them via text messages and this will lead to a strong seller-buyer relationship. Considering this: you will have a strong customer base which on the long run translates to immense business profits. Once there is a strong relationship, marketing of your products and services will be easier.

2.       It is highly targeted:

SMS marketing is targeted at a particular customer so when you send your message, there is a surety that it gets to your target audience. You can also send mass messages with the aim of targeting a large audience. You have to send the messages with their permission which you have to secure through a subscription notice. However, you have to be careful not to do it too much. No one wants their phone bombarded with loads of messages.

3.       It is easy to manage, implement and track:

Text messages are easy to implement since it just requires opt in by customers who have subscribed to receiving your product’s marketing campaigns. You should consider SMS marketing since it is easy to track and manage. You send your messages and receive feedback almost immediately. You know almost everything about your customer like his interests, purchase history, location and more.

4.       It outperforms other marketing channels:

SMS marketing has proved efficient and effective in the past few years. Its open rate is 98% making it at the apex of all marketing channels. It helps create a sense of urgency in the customers prompting them to purchase your goods and services. That is one big reason you should consider SMS marketing in your marketing strategies. Unlike other online marketing channels e.g Facebook ,Twitter , Instagram, Email e.t.c It is advisable to endeavor in SMS marketing since people get notified seconds after you send your message and they will be prompted to reply to it.

5.       It is simple and cost effective:

SMS marketing is the easiest method of disseminating information to your target audience. It does not get simpler than sending a text. It is also inexpensive as the charges for text messages are relatively cheap and affordable. With a simple message of less than 160 characters, you can be on your way to big success. Your message should be short ,simple and concise.

So why not consider adding SMS marketing to your marketing strategy today? It will do you more good than harm. The large audience and personal relations with your customers matters give it a try today.

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