Loans With Bad Credit

How to obtain a loan when your credit is tight

In today’s economic scenario, running a family and meeting all financial obligations are very difficult. To cope with such a situation, people often take out loans. Be it for buying a home, buying a car or meeting urgent financial requirements, borrowing money is becoming more inevitable for average Americans. Banks are the most reliable loan sources. They offer every type of loan including home loan, auto loan, personal loan and lot more. Unfortunately, these financial institutions require the borrowers’ credit rating while processing the loan application. They consider credit status of the borrowers as the most important criterion, when it comes to loan approval. So people with bad credit are often turned down by these loan providers. However, don’t be upset and have no worry even if your credit is tight. There are many private lenders that specialize in loans with bad credit.

Basics of bad credit

If a lender tells you that your credit has diminished your chance of getting a loan and declines your loan application just because of poor credit, you must verify if your credit is that bad that you can be declined. The credit rating may not be as poor as you think. Your credit report may contain errors as credit reporting agencies tend to make mistakes. So check your credit report thoroughly and get the errors (if any) fixed, prior to applying for a loan. Fixing credit errors may increase your chance of getting a loan.

Tips to getting a bad credit loan

It is true that getting loans with bad credit is difficult, but not impossible. Since your options are limited, you must do some homework before you apply for a bad credit loan. You may find some expensive options through which you can get a loan easily, but you must avoid getting into those expensive traps as they may worsen your financial situation. Here are some tips which you may apply to improve your credit as well as increase your chance of getting a loan with reasonable interest rates and flexible terms.

  • Try community credit unions - As the first haven, you can try community credit unions. They sometimes offer loans with bad credit. Credit unions generally look at a borrower personally instead of looking at his credit report or the loan application. It is always easier to take out a loan from credit unions than banks as credit unions are non-profit institutions that emphasize on service than profitability. However, that doesn’t mean that they do charities. They generally make sound decisions to help people by giving loan when they are in dire need of money.

  • Ask your friends or family – Asking your friends or family for money is embarrassing, but if you think deeply, you will realize that this option involves less risk. In fact, this is one of good loan options for the people with bad credit as bad credit report may not come in the way of getting a loan. When borrowing money from someone you know closely, you must maintain a proper loan agreement agreed upon and signed by both you and your lender so that both of you can stay protected. You must pay back the loan according to the pre-decided schedule without skipping any payment. It is true that even if you fail to repay the loan on time, the lender may not sue you, but you will surely lose your relationship with that person. You are also likely to lose the chance of getting a loan from the same person in future, if needed.

  • Opt for peer to peer lending – Nowadays, there are a number of peer to peer lending websites that help borrowers get a loan from strangers against certain interests and other fees. Peer lending is a useful source of loans with bad credit. Peer lenders don’t consider a borrower’s credit as a qualifying criterion. So even if your credit is poor, you can’t be rest assured that you can get a loan from a peer lender. Unlike banks, online peer lenders don’t ask for high overhead fees or impose rigid qualifying criteria and other rules.

  • Use your asset as collateral - If banks decline your loan application due to poor credit, you can use your assets like home equity or car as collateral. Conventional loan providers like banks offer loan to individual with bad credit only if they can put up any collateral. However, you should keep in mind while putting up your asset that there are significant risks involved in it. If you somehow fail to repay the loan in time, the lender may seize your asset used as collateral.

How to ensure the good loan terms

If you take out a bad credit loan from a private lender, you’re very likely to be charged with high interest rates. Here are some methods following which you can be entitled for better loan terms and better interest rate as well.

  • Credit bureaus often make mistakes that result in poor credit score. Check your credit report and dispute any discrepancies in order to improve your credit score as well as your credit rating.

  • Shop around and compare rates and other loan terms offered by different private lenders of loans with bad credit to select a lender that offers the good loan according to your financial and personal requirements.

Your credit rating can’t be a constraint while looking for a bad credit loan. There are hundreds of online lenders that are ready to disburse loans with bad credit. Get connected to any of them to ensure approval of your loan application.

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