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ID Theft Protection - FAQ

  1. How can a person's identity be stolen?

    Thieves may use different methods to get access to your information, especially through:

    • stealing your wallet, purse, mail,
    • going through your trash to gather some personal information,
    • doing an online research using your name or other data they are in possession of,
    • manipulating different organizations to obtain your financial information,
    • taking over your statements after changing your address.
  2. What is Fraud Alert?

    Fraud Alert is a type of tool attached to your credit report. Its main role is to signal the need for confirmation in order to be approved for credit. In case you notice a fraud alert, you should be aware that your credit history may be exposed to illegal activity.

  3. Can Identity Theft be prevented?

    The best way to defend yourself from Identity Theft is to sign up for Identity Theft program we recommend. The services we recommend offer the most fraud monitoring possible in order to keep your identity safe at all times. You can also make sure that your information is secure by following some of the steps below.

    • Don't leave your documents (birth certificate, credit statement etc.) in places easily accessible to strangers.
    • Respect your privacy and don't share details, such as your Social Security number or driver's license number with people who do not need to be given such information.
    • Remember to destroy documents containing sensitive details about you to prevent information from leaking.
    • Don't forget to protect yourself online. Provide yourself with good anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall so that both you and your private information are safe. Be careful with forwarding your details on the internet. Whenever you go online, make sure you don't give hackers an opportunity to steal your identity.
  4. What are the types of Identity Theft?

    There are two types of Identity Theft – Criminal Identity Theft and Commercial Identity Theft.

    Criminal Identity Theft means that someone steals your identity to make use of it when planning and carrying out a criminal action, for example using your driver's license when taking a speed ticket.

    Commercial Identity Theft occurs when an unauthorized person tries to gain access to a secure area or file by using another person's ID. It is a big risk that businesses must often face.

  5. What to do if I become a victim of Identity Theft?

    If you become a victim of Identity Theft, you should immediately take action and report the crime to the fraud department of Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

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