How to Create Cheap Car Insurance

It is mandatory in most states that in order to drive a motor vehicle on a public way, that vehicle must have the stat mandated level of insurance.

Car insurance is the one of the hand full of things in life that is a pain in the seat of the pants to get, but is the one thing that cannot be praised enough when needed. Drivers that look for cheap car insurance are not looking for something that is cheap and inferior in quality, but cheap in the sense of being economical and affordable, but still maintaining some level of quality in coverage. It is possible to find cheap car insurance by putting some thought into your car insurance needs and utilizing cost cutting methods when buying car insurance.

When buying a car, that nice and shiny sporty looking set of wheels will cost more to insure than a sedan with a less than sporty look. Find out from your insurance agent what cars are less expensive to insure and consider buying one of those models.

Most insurance companies will offer discounts on car insurance if certain safety features are installed such as passenger restraints, air bags, anti lock brakes, alarm and anti theft devices. Each of those items carries about a 5 to10 % discount and will help make your car insurance cheap car insurance. It will be necessary to provide documentation for those items.

If you are insuring multiple cars, ask for a multiple car discount. Insuring 2 cars does not mean twice the price in insurance costs. In some cases, insuring 2 cars can cost as much as insuring 1 car. Multiple car discounts will go a long way to creating cheap car insurance. If you also insure your home and other items such as a motorcycle or boat, you may also be eligible for cheap car insurance with a multi item insurance package.

Choosing a yearly policy rather than a 6 month policy will help keep your car insurance at an affordable level. When you renew your car insurance, your insurance rate is adjusted and that rate hardly ever goes down. Renewing your policy on a yearly basis will keep your rate locked in place for 12 months rather than just 6 months.

If your car will be stored for any length of time, look into comprehensive storage coverage. If your car will be off the road for a period of time, chances are it will not need the full coverage you have. If you car will be stored in a garage, the chances of needing collision are pretty nil.

A good way to get cheap car insurance is to keep track of the actual mileage you drive. Drivers who drive a few thousand miles per year are not on the road that often and are less at risk for an accident than the person who drives 30k miles per year.

By taking a few cost cutting steps will assure you of getting cheap car insurance but the required quality of coverage.

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