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Love Don't Cost a Thing. Or Does It? (Infographic)

Posted July 20, 2012 by EasyFinance.com to Infographics 4 0

Getting engaged is probably one of the most exciting moments of our lives. Although the question “will you marry me?” is a relatively simple one, most newly engaged don't realize what kind of consequences it implies. The thought of organizing a wedding is a lot of fun, but unfortunately weddings usually come with a huge price tag... And we definitely don't want to cut corners. Our idea of the perfect wedding is a sum total of our upbringing, expectations and all the fairy tales we read as children. It's only natural we want to make this a memorable day.

There are several checkpoints on the way to the 'happily ever after.' You will encounter expenses at each stage of wedding preparations. Mass media creates a commercialized image of weddings, so it's important to stay immune to their omnipresent publicity. This doesn't mean you should skimp on your dress, menu or venue, but cheaper options are not necessarily worse. Quite the contrary, instead of following suit, do it your way and use your creativity! There are a number of ways to save money without compromising the quality of the wedding reception itself. 

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