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The Battle of the Sexes (Infographic)

Posted June 1, 2012 by EasyFinance.com to Infographics 7 0

Money is not a purely and exclusively financial notion. It is inextricably connected with other aspects of our everyday lives. The way we spend and save money conveys a lot of information about a person's psychological and sociological profile. The distribution of money provides insight into the differences between men and women and reflects current socioeconomic situation.

Although the face value of money is represented by means of numbers which are universally recognized and understood, the worth of money varies significantly. Men and women perceive money in different ways which translates into spending and saving patterns. The differences stem from cognitive, emotional, sociological and even biological reasons. Needless to say, some assumptions are stereotypical but dealing with this subject entails making generalisations and simplifications in order to draw conclusions and pinpoint some regularities.  

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