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Why You Should Get a Car Inspection When You Buy a Used Car

Posted July 31, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Insurance 1 0

Buying a used car can be a great decision. There are many quality used cars around that can provide you with years of trouble-free service. You can also save lots of money over purchasing a new car and use that money for other important things in your life. The used car market offers a wide selection of every type of make and model and you can locate something that is basic transportation or something that can get you where you are going in style pretty easily. You can also often get auto insurance on a used vehicle for less than that of a new car.

When you go used car shopping you will surely find a number of different vehicles that appeal to you and that used car salesmen are happy to sell you on the spot. But it is very important to do an important thing before you make that purchase. One that will potentially save you lots of extra money and headaches. You should get a full car inspection on the car you want to buy and you should do this whether you buy form a dealer, a car lot or in a private sale. This is the case especially if the vehicle you are eyeing is out of its original warranty or you are purchasing the car a long way from where you live. You need to know exactly what you are purchasing and if there are any issues to be aware of.

Who Can Do a Car Inspection?

Your vehicle inspection must be performed by a professional only. Ou should do your research and only hire someone who is certified to do car inspections. Using a licensed auto technician will ensure accuracy and provide for you a valid report of the state of the vehicle. These experts conduct a thorough and careful inspection of the car with a goal of determining its present condition, if there were any previous repairs done, and any malfunctioning parts on the car. They will also determine if anything has been changed on the vehicle or done too hide any damage or defects.

Why Do You Need a Car Inspection?

Unfortunately many used car sales people will do just about anything to deceive buyers and charge a higher price for their cars. They will hide previous accidents, make repairs with substandard or defective parts and focus on the cosmetic rather that the mechanical which is the more important area of focus. A car inspection will reveal all of these issues and give you an accurate understanding of the car you are targeting. This will position you to walk away or to negotiate a better price for the car knowing that repairs are needed or the car has previously unreported issues. You can demand repairs, a lower price, or both.

Quick List of Things Targeted in a vehicle Inspection

A certified car inspector will issue you a vehicle inspection report that would include:


  • Condition of the vehicle’s wheels and tires and when they would need to be replaced
  • Condition of the interior and the glass
  • Condition of the car’s electrical system
  • Condition of the vehicle’s body and paint
  • A list of any fluid leaks
  • A list of any scratches, dents or other damage on the exterior and interior of the vehicle
  • A verification of the mileage on the vehicle
  • A list of any damaged or missing parts on the vehicle
  • Condition and performance of the vehicle’s drivetrain
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