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Why Investing In Coins Is A Good Idea

Posted July 31, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Investing 1 0

Investing is always a good idea. If you have money saved in a bank, it will not gain so much interest. Your money is just sitting there in an account and you’re not earning anything from it. It is also quite understandable that many people don’t want or are hesitant to venture into business where money can be earned on a larger scale. The capital needed to start a business could amount to thousands of dollars and the risk is great. There is never an assurance that the business will become successful.

So, if you are looking to invest your money and want to be sure that you won’t have losses in the long run, you could look into buying coins.

Collecting coins could be more than just a hobby. There is actually a high value placed on coins, which makes them a great investment. Dealers of precious metals like Gainesville Coins transact with different categories of coins. That said, here are very good reasons why you should invest in coins:

  1. Investing in coins serves as an inflation hedge. Inflation hedge is an investment that a person makes that protects them from losses due to the decrease of the purchasing power of their country’s currency. If you read the financial news, currencies are affected each day. There are times when a currency increases its purchasing power, but there are countries that have very unstable markets today and their purchasing power is gradually decreasing.

    This is why many people are investing in other things such as coins. Silver and gold coins are not affected by inflation. In fact, when inflation is high, people tend to buy gold, which creates a higher demand and, therefore, increases the value of gold even more. The same goes for silver although gold, of course, has a higher value.

    Gold and silver coins are great investments, especially when your currency is unstable.

  2. Liquidity. Coins, especially rare ones, can be sold and you will get payment immediately. People collect many things, but nothing compares to the liquidity of gold and silver coins. Other collectors are always ready to buy new coins.

    You can also get an insurance for your coins in case of accidents.

  3. Supply. The supply of coins is not the same as it was before. It is actually diminishing on a daily basis. Rare coins are even harder to find. It only follows that when there is a low supply and the demand is high, the value or price increases.

  4. Affordability. If you are a collector, you know that if you collect things such as art, it can be very expensive. Collecting paintings tend to be a hobby confined only to the wealthy. Coins, on the other hand, can be collected by ordinary people with normal jobs. You don’t have to shell out a few hundred thousand dollars just so you can collect gold and silver coins. Buying coins is one of the most affordable investments you could ever make. You can get a collectible coin for as low as $1,400 USD. This is a good price considering that most investments would cost you so much more.

These are all good reasons why you should invest in coins. However, you should also know what makes coins so valuable that people are willing to buy them. If you are going to start buying some, here are some things to look for that makes a coin valuable:

  • Age - The older the coin, the more valuable it is. Older coins are being sold at a much higher price compared to coins that have been produced recently. This is what collectors would call historical value. It’s like going to an antique store: the older the product, the more expensive it is. So, if someone sells you a coin, find out how old it is.

  • Rarity - A coin that is hard to find is a coin that has high value. There are coins that were not made of gold or silver, but are still priced really high. These were made out of common metal, but they are so rare that they’re expensive. Examples of these rare coins are old Roman coins.

  • Amount of Metal Used and Purity - The metal and its purity also dictates the value of a coin. You may have seen coins that were made out of copper and zinc. These types of coins are not valuable enough to collectors. Gold and silver coins are the best ones to collect as the value of gold and silver don’t usually decrease.


Looking for something to invest in takes time and when you have found something that interests you, it needs careful consideration. Investing your hard-earned money should not be taken lightly. This is why buying coins is a good way to start an investment because the risk of you not getting back your money is quite low.

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