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Why Delta Exchange is the best possible alternative to Bitmex?

Posted May 16, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

Over the year Bitmex has undeniably been one of the most dominant trading platforms in the crypto investment world.  The mere fact that today it is among the top 5 trading platforms by trading volumes amply demonstrates its success as well as ruthless domination. But it would be very naïve to even think that Bitmex’s domination will continue to remain unchecked and unchallenged for a very long time. In fact, quite a few platforms have already started posing a real challenge to Bitmex and one platform in particular is emerging as a real challenger. 


As is very obvious from the title itself, the name of this worthy contender is Delta Exchange. Founded barely few years back, Delta’s incredible journey from complete obscurity to being a real challenger to the incumbent leader makes for a perfect underdog story. The main architects of Delta’s meteoric rise are obviously its highly talented founders and management team. Without their rich experience and unmatched financial acumen coming into play, Delta probably would not have been able to catch the fancy of the crypto investment world.   

To give an idea about financial proficiency and acumen of Delta’s founders then investors would be happy to know that they have cut their teeth in some of the best financial institutions like Citi Bank and UBS. Not to mention that all three co-founders of Delta are alumnus from IITs, one of the finest engineering institutions of India.    

Having such incredible co-founders on board has essentially helped in creating a platform that is offering world class trading experience to investors. And this is certainly the fundamental factor that has propelled Delta to a promising position where it is able to challenge one of the dominant players in the industry. Although whether or not Delta can eventually dethrone Bitmex is debatable, it cannot be argued that the former is steadily emerging as a credible alternative to Bitmex. 

As this article progresses further, we’ll seek to explain convincing reasons behind Delta’s emergence as a viable alternative by shedding light on its important features. After all, these very features have helped in creating a world class trading experience. Here it is important to note that features don’t necessarily have to be unique or exclusive, since even the most basic features can prove to be fruitful if their implementation is done properly. 

For example, Delta’s earnest commitment to implement some of the most basic features like ‘liquidity’ and ‘ease of trade’ has helped in reaping handsome dividends. In fact, Delta aims to become the most liquid cryptocurrency derivative exchange in the world and it has certainly more than excelled on this important front. Its ability to ensure unrestricted supply of altcoins and bitcoins have helped in gaining significant traction from investors and resultantly the trading volumes have increased significantly on the platform. Investors are especially impressed with Delta’s deep liquidity even during the most volatile period. 

Apart from bitcoin and ethereum, this emerging platform offers unobstructed liquidity in 13 leading altcoins swaps including ChainLink (LINK), Binance Coin (BNB), Matic (MATIC), Atom,  Ripple (XRP) and Ravencoin (RVN) all throughout the year.


As for ease of trade then Delta has laid a new benchmark in simplifying and streamlining the trading process. So much so that even people with minimal online trading experience can quite easily trade on this platform. And much of this credit obviously goes to Delta’s main trading terminal that is replete with simple and uncomplicated interface. But just in case if new traders face any problems in getting acquainted with this simple interface then they can try Delta’s mock trading feature, which is especially designed for those who are completely new to online crypto investment world.  It must be noted that Delta is one of the few platforms that offers mock trading feature and this again shows its unwavering commitment to investor friendly philosophy. 

All these ease of trade and deep liquidity would mean little unless traders are offered the advantage of leverage trading, which is an universal feature that today almost all leading derivative exchanges offers. Therefore the question of can investors enjoy leverage trading on Delta doesn’t arise at all. If anything leverage on Delta Exchange is almost on par with other leading platforms; offering 20x leverage on all popular altcoins and 100x leverage on bitcoin futures as well as ethereum.  

We would like to conclude our argument about Delta being the best alternative to Bitmex by shedding some light on fees and security features. Again on both these important fronts, this platform hasn’t let down the investment community. Firstly about fees then Delta’s fees are amongst the lowest in the entire industry. To get an idea about Delta’s trading fees for futures trading and perpetual contracts, please click here.  

Now finally coming to security issues, Delta earnestly practices strong risk management philosophy by offering enterprise-grade multi-factor security for all its digital assets. As a result, the platform is always well protected against any kind of vulnerable attack from hackers or any kind of sophisticated malware attack. Investors, therefore, can be absolutely rest assured about the safety and security of their investment on Delta Exchange.

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