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Where can I get help with getting out of Payday Loans?

Posted September 22, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

Payday loans can drag you and keep you in a stressful debt trap. It’s easy to be trapped into these loans because they give you an option to roll the payments over to the next month. All you have to do is pay a charge for delayed repayment and you can roll the loan over as many times as is convenient for you. Another attribute of payday loans which makes them enticing is their ease of access. The ease of access makes them one of the very first options Americans think of when they need financial help on short notice. Actually, the payday loans themselves are not a problem, the problem with them are the expenses involved in maintaining payday loans; the late repayment charges and high interests which pile up.

There are many avenues which can help you with getting out of payday loans and putting an end to the cycle of debts. The best way out is to get expert advice and guidance on how to spend and save money. The biggest hindrances to accessing expert advice is the high fees the experts charge for their services. However, there are a few ways you can get that advice free of charge. On this post I with you some reliable sources of help which you can exploit in a bid to get out of payday loans.

Attend Finance Events

You can get expert financial advice from events which provide opportunities for one-on-one financial planner consultancy services, financial mentorship programs and meetings with the minds behind robo-financial advisors. These events are awesome opportunities to help get some of your money questions answered so you could attend and use them as avenues to seek help on how to get out of payday loans effectively.


Subscribe to a robo-advisor service

There are many free robo-advisors which offer reliable financial advice. A good robo-advisor will offer you some valuable financial advice or maintain your financial portfolio on your behalf. They will offer you the best advice to help you out of cycle of loans, how to build a strong financial foundation, how increase your income, how to increase your savings and how to invest. Besides, some can help you file your tax returns or link your bank accounts so that you have all your finances flowing from a central place. Try out renowned financial robo-advisor services are ESPlannerBasic, LearnVest, Wealthfront, Betterment, SigFig and Rebalance, and get some advice on how to get out of payday loans.


Visit a financial Planner

Financial planners are professionals in the field of finance who help clients with developing budgets and investment plans. Financial planners signed under CFP Board of Standards, Foundation Planning Association and Financial Planning Association among other finance management organizations organize annual financial planning events where the professionals offer their services free of charge. You’d take advantage of these events, meet a financial planner and explain to them your payday loans situation and you can be sure they will suggest a unique plan of action tailored to free you from the payday loans nightmare.

These financial planning events usually take place towards the end of the year and the planners purpose to hold them at least once a month in the coming years. All you have to do is find out when the organizations will be holding their financial planning days and purpose to attend for a chance to meet a financial planner.


Payday Loan Lenders

Your lenders can help you with valuable advice to help you out of the payday debt. Payday loans come with high interests, high late repayment charges and stringent rules. However, if you are sinking deeper and deeper into debts—and your next viable plan of action is to file for bankruptcy or default on your repayment, your lenders can be a little considerate. Lenders would rather put you on a plan which will help you pay off the loan fast than risk losing their money. They may consider restructuring the loan to relieve you of the exorbitant interest rates and delayed repayment charges so that you get out of the loan. All you need to do is visit your lenders, explain your credit situation to them, be firm and kindly request them to restructure the loan or put you on an extended repayment program.


Payday Loan Debt Consolidation Companies

Payday loan debt consolidation companies can put you on a payday loan relief program that’s most appropriate for your financial situation.  They usually renegotiate your payday loans with the lenders and then consolidate the loans into one loan which you can pay off in regular monthly payments, at a low interest. This will relieve you of the stress and delayed repayment fees imposed on debtors by payday lenders. You’ll still be having a loan hanging over your head but it will be a loan owed to the consolidation company and not to a payday lender.


Search for local financial-services institutions

Local financial-services institutions are organizations that are set up by finance industries in different countries. These institutions can help you with financial guidance and counseling free of charge. Usually, they offer lessons on savings and budgeting which will help you in making good decisions which will help you get out of loans fast. For instance, people who earn little income are taught on debt management. If you are part of these organizations, the lessons will help you in achieving goals related to paying off your loans. You can also get this kind of help by visiting a payday loan consolidator. Other financial services institutions which could be of help are:

·         Pro-bono programs which help people who earn low incomes and are trapped in loans.

·         Foundations for financial planning

·         Financial Planning Associations

·         Volunteer Income Assistance 


We hope that you found these tips insightful. Try out those avenues and you will find valuable advice which will help you get out of payday loans. For more information on payday loan relief, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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