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What is Amazon SEO?

Posted August 10, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0

Just like Google, Amazon has an algorithm that it uses to rank products for certain search terms that shoppers use to shop for products. Unlike Google, Amazon’s algorithm is purely based on ecommerce, and is not based on informational queries. This makes optimizing listing for Amazon quite different than optimizing a blog post on your own ecommerce website. Shoppers don’t look for answers to their specific questions on Amazon; instead, they use reviews to compare products and decide which one would be the best fit for their needs and budget. Fortunately, just like Google’s algorithm, it is possible to optimize your Amazon listings for specific search queries. Doing so will help improve the visibilities of your products and ultimately increase sales. Read on to find out how SEO works for Amazon.

Understanding Amazon SEO

One thing that is often overlooked about Amazon is how shoppers utilize the platform. It is estimated that over 66 percent of shoppers look to discover new products within Amazon, and don’t do research outside of it. This means that if you’re ranking on the 3rd page or lower for any search terms related to your products, that potential customers will not be able to find your products. These rankings are sorted by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which sorts products based on purchase likelihood. As Amazon’s function as a platform is not to provide the most relevant information, but the most relevant product, this makes sense. Amazon wants to make sure that customers are able to buy the products they need as quickly as possible, and is more concerned with facilitating that process quickly, thus keeping its customers on its platform for as long as possible and getting them to buy more products.

Using Keywords to Rank on Amazon

Once you understand how Amazon’s A9 algorithm works, it’s time to figure out what keywords you will want your products to rank for. This is the number one way that potential new customers will discover your products, so figuring out a list of Amazon SEO keywords that you want to rank for is key. To do so, you will need to learn the basics of keyword research. Fortunately, the same principles apply whether you are performing keyword research for Google or Amazon. The only difference is that with Amazon SEO, you need to make sure that your listing is optimized for purchase likelihood, and not for information. In practical terms, this means that you need to make sure that the product listing is clear and concise, and that the language reflects the product’s functions and capabilities and also contains the keywords that you want the product to be ranking for. Otherwise, Amazon’s A9 algorithm will not be able to correlate your product with the keyword, and will not rank your page for the search terms you want it to be ranking for.

Once you understand the basics of how optimizing for Amazon SEO works, then you’ll be able to increase your click-through rate, and more importantly, your sales, in no time. Having a comprehensive understanding of what Amazon is looking for in terms of its A9 algorithm is essential to success as a seller on the platform.

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