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U.S. Money Reserve Gets Two Best of Category Awards According to Joseph Gray the Founder of the AdSphere™ Awards

Posted June 21, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

U.S. Money Reserve is America’s Gold Authority® according to thousands of people who do business with the Austin-based gold and silver coin distributor. U.S. Money Reserve functions at a high-level, thanks to the leadership provided by CEO Angela Koch and U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl.

The team of numismatists working with Koch and Diehl have a world of collector coin knowledge. U.S. Money Reserve numismatists stay on top of the ever-changing gold and silver market, according to the chief numismatist at U.S. Money Reserve, John Rothans. Most of the company’s clients know they are working with some of the most experienced experts in the precious metal industry.

Most clients know U.S. Money Reserve has a plethora of rare coins and proof sets in their extensive inventory. But what many clients don’t know is that U.S. Money Reserve is the winner of two prestigious Best of Category Awards from the AdSphere campaign this year. Money Reserve has an excellent reputation in the direct-response television industry. And the company’s reputation as America's Gold Authority® is always on display in the company’s advertising campaign. U.S. Money Reserve won the “Short Form Products Award” and the award for the best “Infomercials.”

The direct-response television (DRTV) industry honors top cable advertisers every year. This is the second consecutive year that U.S. Money Reserve is taking home awards for their advertising campaign.

U.S. Money Reserve President Phil Diehl also said winning these two awards is a testament to the company’s talented marketing staff. Mr. Diehl also said that receiving the awards is a great honor.

Mr. Diehl served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. He is the man responsible for putting the 50-state quarter program in circulation. Diehl knows U.S. Money Reserve is providing a service that’s hard to find in the precious metal industry.

The Perth Mint has recently named U.S. Money Reserve as the exclusive distributor of the new Queen Elizabeth II proof set in the United States. The proof set honors the queen’s coronation in 1953. The Perth set is just one of many proof sets that U.S. Money Reserve distributes on an exclusive basis. That’s why coin collectors visit the company’s website first when they are in the market for rare coins and exclusive proof sets.

Winning two AdSphere awards shows the world that U.S. Money Reserve is serious about offering rare coin collectors and people who want to put rare coins in their retirement portfolio the best coin selection in the precious metal industry. The company not only has a handle on the gold and silver coin market, but it also knows how to advertise they services so new clients understand how U.S. Money Reserve does what it does in the rare coin market. The company loves doing what it does for clients, and the company plans to keep on doing what they do best.

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