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Top 10 Stocks to Invest in This Year

Posted July 8, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Investing 1 0

If you're thinking about investing in stocks, then you need to know where to put your money. Check out our list of the top 10 stocks to invest in this year.


Investing in the stock market may seem financially advantageous. But, to truly see a profit you need to know how to invest wisely. You also need to know the best stocks to invest in. 

This is especially true if you're interested in investing in individual stocks. Individual stocks are shares from single companies. These stocks tend to be riskier investments since the market value of these stocks relies on how well the company is performing. 

The stock market itself is also influenced by a number of factors. These factors can also influence the profitability of a company, the worth of a company's stock, and the financial gains or losses of shareholders. Some of these influences include interest rates, the economy, and the current political climate. 

History has shown us how powerful the stock market can be to citizen morale. And, also how morale, fear, and other emotions can affect the stock market. For example, the Great Depression or Black Monday in the 1980s. 

But, knowing which stocks to invest in can help you to make financially sound decisions. Your ability to invest in these stocks will depend on your available financial resources. Read on to find out more. 

2019 Best Stocks to Invest In

We all want to make a fortune in our lives. Some people look to the stock market to find their fortunes, but by no means is the stock market a get rich quick scheme. In fact, people who do make an overnight fortune by investing in the stock market are the exception, not the rule. 

To invest wisely in the stock market, you first need an investment plan. You also need to determine how much spare money you have to invest on a monthly or yearly basis. To determine this amount, you can create a budget that tracks your ingoing and outgoing expenses. 

Many financial experts recommend diversifying your investment portfolio. This means that you include in your investment plan various stocks and bonds to equalize risk. Some stocks, such as individual stocks, are riskier than others. 

One way to minimize these risks is to also invest in a 401k plan or IRA. These are typically mutual funds which invest in stocks from different companies and other types of investments.

Before investing, you should become familiar with your risk tolerance. Examine the risk of each stock before investing. You can also look up stock recommendations to include in your investment strategy.

Explore the following best individual stocks to invest in in 2019.

1. Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

Bank of America is keeping up with other big banks on the stock market. In fact, it continues to outperform other big banks. Bank of America stock is still relatively inexpensive which makes it a good investment for people on a budget.

2. Starbucks (SBUX)

Everyone loves a good cup of Joe! And, for many people, Starbucks is the place to go. Starbucks also just opened new stores in China and other Asian countries. 

This stock is on the higher side per share, however. Currently, it costs over $85 per share.

3.  Apple (AAPL)

Apple revolutionized the way we interact and use technology. Its user-friendly interface, sleek designs, and security features all helped to make Apple as successful as it is today. 

Apple stock is performing well despite some recent drawbacks. However, Apple stock is also on the expensive side at over $200 per share.

4. Facebook (FB)

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites worldwide. Facebook allows people from across the world to connect through sharing photos, videos, and status updates. It's also one of the best stocks to invest in in 2019. 

5. Nathan's Famous (NATH)

Nathan's Famous specializes in selling hot dogs. Its stock is one of the best to invest in in 2019, but the cost per share is on the higher end. Each share goes for over $75 and may continue to rise or fall throughout the year.

6. Johnson and Johnson (JNJ)

Johnson and Johnson is one of the safer individual stocks to purchase. The company is involved in many business sectors which makes it a diverse investment. It currently is selling for over $140 per share. 

7. Roku (ROKU)

Roku is an entertainment company that specializes in app streaming and TVs. It is a riskier stock but has millions of subscribers. Roku stock is currently going for nearly $100 per share.

8. American Eagle Outfitters (AEO)

American Eagle Outfitters is a clothing company for teens and young adults. It is one of the best retail stocks to invest in because it continues to thrive despite the presence of online e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Its stock is currently selling at over $17 per share.

9. United Parcel Service (UPS)

UPS has also had to compete with Amazon. However, an increase in e-commerce demand is also likely to help UPS. Its stock is currently valued at over $100 per share.

10. Pfizer (PFE) 

Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. There are risks when investing in Pfizer, however, because of the political influence on drug pricing. Its stock is currently valued at over $40 per share. 

Best Stocks to Invest In: Taking Action

The best stocks to invest in ultimately will be determined by your current finances. Some stocks are more costly than others, so you'll need to determine the maximum amount you can invest and how much you're willing to risk. 

It's also a good idea to contact a financial advisor to help you determine the best course of action. A financial advisor will also be able to make suggestions about your current financial status. 

You can start investing in stocks on your own or have a company manage your stocks for you. Investment brokerage management companies may charge you commission and other fees, however, in exchange for their services. 

To find a reputable financial advisor or investment management brokerage, read online reviews. Determine how satisfied previous and current customers are, and make note of any hidden fees. You should also thoroughly read through any contracts before committing. 

Speak with them in person before investing to determine if it's a good fit. You should also make note of their customer service skills and their response time when asking questions via email or over the phone. 

Want to learn more about the stock market? Check out our blog post to learn more. 

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