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Tips to find the best exotic vet

Posted September 30, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Frugality 1 0

Finding the right vet for your pet is crucial for the animal's healthy and long life. It ensures that you enjoy the maximum years with your all happy and hearty. Many veterinarians have experience with dogs, cats, and horses. However to a well-trained and experienced vet for your special exotic pet is a bit difficult. These pets are highly sensitive and have special needs. Your vet has to be extremely patient and skilled to handle and treat them. The treatment of exotic pets is also highly expensive. It is always beneficial to get a well-tailored insurance plan for your exotic. Click the link https://www.iselect.com.au/pet-insurance/ to compare various plans from different providers. Finding an exotic animal vet is difficult but is achievable. You can find a perfect vet with thorough research and inquiries.


  • Inquiry

  • Ask your friend: If one of your friends owns an exotic pet, talking to him/her could be a perfect way to start your search. You talk to them and clear all your doubts without hesitation.
  • Call local pet store: Pet stores are also a great source of information. Pet stores have many exotic animals and certainly have a couple of vets to take care of them.
  • Talk to a veterinarian near you: Veterinarians are generally aware of the kind of clinics and other vets in the area. You can ask them for a recommendation for an experienced local exotic vet.
  • Search phone book: You can search the business pages of a phone-book or yellow pages. The list would be extensive but you can get you a good start.


  • Online search

  • Veterinarian websites: You can find the veterinarian's website from the online veterinary medical associations. Visiting the website you can get an idea of the experience and services of the vets.
  • Exotic animal interest groups: Animal interest groups are created with an idea of focusing on a specific breed and species. If you can find a group for your exotic pet, they can suggest you a vet.
  • Do not rely on website reviews only: Website reviews show the experience of different pet owners with that vet. However, these reviews can be deceiving. They do not necessarily show the average liking and disliking of the clients.


  • Visit vet clinics

  • Visit multiple clinics: Having enough recommendations, visit each clinic by yourself. This way you can see the operations of the clinic and comfort level of the staff with exotics by yourself.
  • Evaluate the staff to handle exotic pets: You can take your pet along with you to the vet clinic visits. Exotic pets generally do not like to be handled by people. See the confidence of the staff while they handle your pet.
  • Ask about the vet's experience and training: During your visits, you can ask the veterinarian questions about his/her experience and training in handling exotic pets, especially the species of your pet.
  • Check the instrument availability: Exotic animals need to be treated with special instruments and spaces. Check whether the clinic has the necessary technology and infrastructure or not.
  • Inquire about cost: Veterinarian charges vary considerably. You should ask the charges for regular vet visits and other services to find the one which suits your budget. This would avoid any hassle when your pet needs care and medical attention.
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