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The Average Towing Prices and Costs: A Guide on What to Expect to Pay

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If you are in need of a towing service, you should be aware of the costs. Click here for a guide on the average towing prices and costs.


You can call a tow truck company to tow your car during an unfortunate event, but what will it cost you? The first question for the company should be what its towing prices are. Especially since you'll need to consider the costs to repair your car, too.

Every towing company is different so it might be hard to pin down an exact price before the tow. Your car insurance policy might include roadside assistance, making the job free! This is always recommended when receiving your auto insurance quotes.

Certain coverage in your policy can save you time and money in the long run. But for those who have no idea what the average cost of a tow is and why it's priced the way it is, continue reading.

Check out our guide on the average towing prices and costs.

How Much Will It Cost to Tow Your Car?

Towing rates depends on how far you need your car to go, but the average towing cost is usually about $109.

Towing prices can depend on your car type and location, so on a broader scale, prices can range from $75 — $125.

According to Cost Helper, these are the common prices based on distance:

  • Less than 5 miles: $35 – $125

  • More than 40 miles: $125 – $275

Yet, towing costs may go up if you need to tow your car at night, on the weekend, or on a holiday. This is also true if the terrain is difficult, such as if you're in the mountains along narrow, winding roads. Similarly, if your car gets stuck in a ditch or in the mud, towing rates could be $50 — $250 an hour.

Keep in mind that a standard, deserted car tow, will cost you less than towing a car after an accident. Getting your car towed from the scene of an accident comes at a greater cost. Either way is important, however, that the towing company has tow truck insurance in case something goes wrong with your car.

How Does Tow Pricing Work?

Most tow trunk establishments will charge you a hook-up or base fee, on top of charging per mile. Cost Helper reveals that the base fee could range from $35 — $100, and between $2.50 — $5 per mile. Some tow companies might include up to the first seven miles in their base fees, so always remember to ask them.

You should also consider that your municipal or state government may have a limit on how much a tow company is allowed to charge. Towing prices will always vary by state so be sure to check for average prices in your particular area. If you think that the prices you're offered are too high, then be sure to double-check.

Find out If Your Car Insurance Company Cover Roadside Assistance or Towing Costs

At the end of the day, how much to tow a car depends on your car insurance company. Most insurance providers offer roadside assistance as additional coverage. It isn't usually included in the minimum limits of auto insurance.

In some cases, you will need to add it to your car insurance policy yourself. You will most likely need to pay extra fees on your premium, but it shouldn't be too much extra. It's worth it to phone your agent and see if you have roadside assistance coverage or how much it will cost you to add it.

If your insurance does offer you roadside assistance, make sure to check if you have a limit for mileage or expenses. For example, your insurance company could cover close to $100 for a tow. Or they may give you $150 for a tow up to 25-miles.

You could also get lucky and have an insurance company that covers up to a 50-mile tow no matter the price. You should check to see what kind of coverage your roadside assistance offers before having an incident. You should also keep your receipt from towing companies if you plan on being reimbursed by them.

Roadside Assistance Membership Clubs

Not every roadside assistance package is created equal. Not every roadside assistance package comes through an insurance agent either. AAA, for example, generally costs less than $100 a year.

Membership groups like AAA include perks like discounts on hotels, loans, banking services, or even a jump if your car battery dies.

Depending on where you live, AAA may include 100+ miles of free towing for about 4-5 tows each year. Those are a lot of tows for a year and hopefully, you won't need to use them all! But it doesn't hurt to prepare for the unexpected.

What Happens If You Need to Get Your Car Towed After an Accident

If you were in an accident, towing prices would likely roll into the cost of the claim. It might also be covered whether you have roadside assistance or not. Everything comes back down to your policy, so make sure to ask your agent about any questions you have.

As you can see, towing prices can range drastically. Much of the towing costs depend on how far you need your car to go. Yet, in any case, call a reputable tow truck company you've done your research on.

A little bit of preparation can save you a lot of money. Check for online ratings or ask your family and friends for their recommendations. Be sure to also study the average towing cost in your area so that you know what to expect if you have car troubles.

Bottom Line on Towing Prices

You can find affordable towing prices after a quick chat with your car insurance agent. And you can bookmark this article for reference! Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you're wondering how much does it cost to tow a car.

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