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Posted September 13, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Financial Advice 1 0

Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” If you think about it, there is a whole world of philosophy associated with this quote. Once you are bestowed with some kind of power or quality, there are high chances of the power getting to your head and messing up your life. This also holds true for the money you earn out of your job or business. So, let us just take the poetic license of rephrasing the quote to, “With great financial independence comes great responsibility.” It does not matter how much you earn or how well settled you are in your job. You must still pull yourself back from spending recklessly. It is not a mark of sophistication, rather a mark of foolishness. Even the wealthiest person on Earth would probably not throw caution to the wind and indulge in unnecessary shopping sprees or go awry with their investments. Therefore, with this article, we shall look into all the ways in which you can cut back on your expenses and save up real good for your future.

Keep A Note Of Where All Your Money Is Going:

The first step towards effective management of your finances is keeping a note of where all your money is going. You need to be aware of your bank statements, passbooks and every transaction that you make through the month, no matter how little they are. Every little financial transaction adds on to a sum total of something significant. Therefore, do not take any of your financial dealings, even if they do not seem important ostensibly, lightly. While you are analysing your finances for the month that is running, try looking back at your transactions for the last three months. It will give you a fair idea about where, on what and how you have been managing your finances. You can then see to it that you come up with ways to do a better job with your money if you are not too satisfied with whatever means you had adopted to manage your finances.  

Cut Back On Your Expenses:

You might think that every dollar you expend has something of value to offer to you and that it cannot be avoided. You need to rethink this attitude. It might look like there is no way to cut back on your expenses, but there are always things on which you are spending money unnecessarily. For instance, restrain that compulsive shopper in you. You are much more than the branded clothes you wear. No one is telling you to stop shopping in its entirety. You are, of course, entitled to some luxury and a comfortable living. But do not make it your life’s end goal. Also, see if you can use public transport instead of cabs. There are several ways in which you can cut back on your expenses. Ruminate on all these aspects before you start another month of irresponsible spending. If you find cutting back on costs a tad challenging, you can always take help from Crediful, a site that addresses all your monetary woes!

Think Long-Term and Cover Yourself:

Efficient management of money does not only mean to save till you die. You should also think of the ways you can cover for yourself. Get insurance plans like health and life insurance policies. Also, do some research on how you could reap retirement benefits because old age is something that no one can escape. You need plans that will secure your old days and keep worries at bay. Therefore, do not just think of how much you can save, but also stay prepared for your future. Things you do today will determine how well your future shall turn out to be.

Set Your Priorities Right:

It is crucial that you set your priorities since the start so that you know where to invest, where to cut back and how to manage your finances to the last dollar. You might have several bills to pay, like the house rent, you children’s cost of education and bills for various other chores. It needs little saying that you must make these your priorities. You should not spend all your money over every other thing but these, and then go broke in the next few days. There is a thin line between treating yourself once in a while with your hard-earned money and messing up with all your priorities. Always remember, first things first. Your house rent and electricity bill is more important than that dress from an expensive clothing line.


There is often a myth that does the rounds regarding money management. People assume that saving money is the only way of managing money. However, that is just one aspect that you are looking at. There is so much more to the art of managing money than just saving whenever you get the chance. Of course, saving is an integral part of money management. But you also need to think of ways to secure your future, cut down on unimportant expenses and prioritise things in the order of their importance.

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