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Profundity of a White Label Brokerage Tycoon

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Etna Soft has emerged as an effective white label trading platform for online broker dealers. Their apps for iOS and Android depict the power of mobile trading and the elegant attractions of white label brokerage are customizable screen layout and settings. Real time synchronization with the web platform, options trading, option chain, and price alerts with push notifications are the elegant attractions of premium white label brokerage. Buyers can get instant access to the ETNA trader online trading simulator and the unique opportunity to streamline trade lifecycle is the top rated feature of brokerage platforms.

  • White label brokerage helps broker dealers to stay competitive by offering users the latest trading technology and it delivers convenient trading.

  • Broker dealers can increase trading volumes by using Etna soft and it includes pay per use pricing plans.

  • Robo advisers can take care of full trade lifecycle using brokerage tools and the cloud back office enables automated reporting and business control.

  • Trade desk personalization capabilities make white label trading platforms popular among professional traders.

  • Etna provides an effective software solution to run an online business and white label trading platform includes web trading terminals, OMS, middle and back office.

Easy Customization Facilities of White Label Brokerage    

The advanced technology of white label brokerage includes API and third party integration. The well experienced team of fintech developers at Etna soft help to customize the platform. A typical white label platform takes care of execution, margin requirements, account balances, trade allocations, and reconciliation of account information. The team at Etna soft has been creating award winning financial software products ever since their inception in 2012. White label platform has created innovative digital products for market leaders and they got featured in Wall Street Journal Barron’s Magazine. Etna trader white label online trading platform is the flagship product of Etna soft and it is private labeled by prominent US retail brokers.

The trading platform of Etna empowers numerous robo advisors and alternative investment platforms in the United States of America. White label brokerage platform is empowered with a unique mission of democratizing capital markets technology. Small to medium sized financial services companies make use of the financial solutions conceptualized by companies like Etna. The providers of white label brokerage solutions are pioneers in trading software as a service products .Their team of experts are professionals experienced in software development and capital markets. The unique entrepreneurial culture and the availability of world class programmers help them to create the best trading platforms.

Feature Rich Mobile Apps of Etna Trader  

Etna trader is a trading platform equipped with HTML5 front end and drag and drop layout. Its mobile app for iOS and Android include smart watch investing app too and they are feature rich. The white label brokerage platform mobile app is quite fast and it provides personalized trading from the palm top. It also includes an OMS with cloud back office for managing trade lifecycle as well as compliance. White label brokerage online trading platform is available as a part of ETNA trader for broker’s suite and state of the art OMS API.

  • OMS API with back office has become an industry standard and it empowers some of the big players in alternative investment platforms.

  • The motto of white label brokerage platform is “reduce costs. Increase revenues. Stay competitive”.

  • The biggest advantage of Etna soft is that it lowers IT costs and it gives exclusive access to modern trading technology.

  • The objective of financial software created by renowned companies is to increase trading volumes by offering trading ideas.

  • Better trading experience to customers is the splendid attraction of digital solutions created by white label trading platform.

  • Brokerage platform allows staying ahead of the competition and it improves customer loyalty.

Another exquisite attraction of white label brokerage platform is state of the art HTML5 and mobile trading terminals. White label brokerage offers suite of software applications to run an online brokerage  service. Etna soft is undoubtedly the next generation online stock trading software for broker dealers. The brokerage software created by Etna can be customized and it comes with 24/6 support. The specialties of HTML5 trading frontend consists of cross browser access, live interactive charts, price alerts, and easy to use widgets designer. The striking attractions of mobile trading apps for stock market include live charts, quotes, option chain support, and custom themes.

The cloud back office of white label brokerage is equipped with the features of built-in reporting tools, convenient web access, market data, rules engine, and securities master database. Easy integration, white label service, affordability, compliance and modular design are the key features of Etna software. The modern online stock trading software of Etna ensures seamless integration and APIs make the setup easy and fast. It gives personalized service to end users and they have been delivering high quality stock software. Typical white label software maximizes performance, increase usability, trading volume and commissions.

Many of the tech experts of white label brokerage are traders too and they are maestros in creating world class stock software. Etna stays up to date with current rules and regulations of the stock market and they are trying their best to improve their software. The hosted solution of Etna is cloud hosted in AWS for better reliability and scalability. ETNA trader can be deployed on the servers of clients too and the comprehensive APIs make the customization of stock software easy. It helps to build up unique value proposition and the online trading terminal of Etna is a cutting edge technology.

Rich functionality, speed and usability are the impeccable attractions of white label brokerage. Streaming quotes, charts, and price alerts help online brokerage firms to stay competitive in the market. The HTML5 technology of Etna trader brings responsive design, advanced features and usability to the web. Platform accessibility from any web browser is the noticeable feature of online stock trading software. Etna can be termed as a trading browser within a web browser and it is an online trading terminal for upcoming years. It provides the chance to add company logo in the trading software and this stock software is intuitive. The ability to create and save unlimited custom dashboards is the splendid benefit of prominent online stock trading platforms.

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