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Popular online markets that use bitcoin

Posted February 13, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

Bitcoin is an asset used as a medium in financial transactions occurring online. This item securely upholds exchanges because it is designed with strong cryptography and thus considered to be highly resistant to any cryptanalysis. Consequently, a lot of business and online markets were established online because verifying the transfer of assets and controlling the creation of additional items is a lot easier and more convenient

And since creating stores and markets online has never been so easy, hundreds of them now are swarming online. Due to that, cyber-crimes also increased proportionally through time. Thus it is important to find sites that are well and trusted. And to help you secure your values, listed below are some popular online stores that use bitcoin as their currency.


Overstock is one of the biggest retailers online that started accepting bitcoin. Last 2014, the store has allowed its customers to pay products such as television sets, laptops, computers, and other home-related products using the said currency.

Furthermore, Overstock also supports other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Thus, people who wish to shop online won’t have to undergo any hassles because all they need to do is search for a trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange site.


The world’s renowned platform of e-commerce, Shopify allows sellers to establish their online shops similarly to eBay and Amazon. For the bitcoin payments, it was only last 2013 when the market has accepted this type of transaction which then resulted in great outcomes. The company was reported to have more than one million businesses all over 175 countries and has a total gross merchandise volume of $41.1 billion in just a year of 2018. Thus, having transactions in this site is surely secured and well-trusted.


One of the biggest names in the business and marketing industry, Microsoft is a company that licenses and manufactures personal computers, consumer electronics, computer software, and other related services. With the addition of bitcoin into their transactions, clients can now buy anything like applications, movies, and licenses to games in the store.


Expedia is a company the focuses primarily on travel metasearch engines and travel fare aggregators. Some of their websites include vrbo, Venere.com, trivago, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire.com, Hotels.com, HomeAway, and Expedia.com. And since today’s traveling methods and options have never been easier, a lot of people have been going in and out of different countries; this has pushed Expedia to accept bitcoin payments to make booking tickets and hotels more convenient.


Through the expanding field of technology, people nowadays can practically buy anything with the use of bitcoin. By simply logging in to a secured cryptocurrency exchange site, you’ll be able to buy food, furniture, and plane and concert tickets online. Because of this, the lives of working people have never been so convenient and easy. Unfortunately, the public has become vulnerable from scams, cat-fishing, and frauds because not all sites online are reliable. Thus taking precautions and having small researches before concluding any transactions are recommended in order not to deal with any of these crimes.

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