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Paul Mampilly's Thoughts on Blockchain and Investing

Posted August 29, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Investing 1 0

Investing is critical for anyone who wants to build wealth. The average American has little money saved. Few people are investing enough money for retirement. Working with an investment professional is one of the best ways to increase investment returns. 

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager who had an excellent career while working on Wall Street. Paul worked for multiple companies, and he won various awards due to his great work in the field. He decided to stop investing in stocks to focus on the blockchain. The blockchain is a new technology that could change the world. Some people have even compared blockchain technology to the internet regarding economic disruption. 



Paul graduated from high school and immediately went to college. His parents helped him pay for some of his tuition, but he had to work extra jobs to pay his bills. While working in college, he learned about investing. He quickly decided to change his educational path to focus on investment management. 

After Paul left college, he went to work for a hedge fund. Working for a hedge fund is difficult for anyone to do. Not only are the hours long each day, but the pressure from clients can be intense. Few people can sustain the immense work hours required to work at a hedge fund. 


Moving Up

After several years of working as an analyst, Paul Mampilly was promoted and took on additional responsibilities. He wanted to improve the hedge fund's performance by focusing on the needs of clients. A lot of hedge fund managers wrongly assume they can beat the market by making daily trades. Instead of taking this approach, Mampilly focused on long-term investments



When managing a hedge fund, it is critical to beat the market's performance. Clients pay a premium to use the services of a hedge fund. Without better performance than the overall market, clients will go to another financial advisor. 

During his career, Paul beat the market averages most years. Although he had some bad years as a manager, he consistently won awards due to his excellent performance. 



One of the reasons that Paul is so respected in the investment community is that he takes time to give clients advice. He firmly believes that anyone can have success investing if they spend enough time learning basic concepts. He tells his clients to hold investments through market crashes. Some people struggle to hold investments while the market declines rapidly. 



Paul has been outspoken about privacy issues that are often discussed. He firmly believes that the future will require people to lose privacy to function in society. Blockchain technology could drastically impact the economy. Paul wants to invest in new currency options within this industry. He has spent the past few years learning all that he can about the blockchain. Anyone who wants to learn about investing should work with Paul Mampilly. Not only does he have a solid track record as an investor, but he also genuinely cares about clients.

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