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Now enjoy the Gold Independence Day and turn your coins to Gold

Posted November 26, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Investing 1 0

There are many people worldwide who invest their money in Gold. Also, the number of investors who want to invest in crypto-currencies is increasing. At times it becomes difficult for the people to choose one out of Crypto-currency and Gold. An intermediate solution to this is Karat gold coin or KBC. This is the first crypto-currency, which is linked to physical gold. The KBC or Karat gold coins renders the benefits of investing in crypto-currency and Gold together.

The other Crypto Currencies like Bitcoins are based on the block-chain technology. The block-chain technology makes it very hard for hackers to hack the information related to Bitcoins. The Crypto Currency like Karat gold (KBC) is based on a very different concept, as physical gold is deposited while releasing this currency. 

Herald Seiz, the CEO of the company providing KBC has announced to celebrate Gold Independence day on 04.07.2019. On this Independence Day, the company is offering to exchange the tokens with the physical gold. Standard exchange rates will be applicable for this exchange. For every 100 coins, the investors will get 1 gram of 24 carat gold. Seiz has mentioned this Independence Day as Gold Independence day 2019. According to him, their company is doing what they promised in the past.

This event of Gold Independence Day 2019 is a very special event planned by the company. This event is considered as a very special and worldwide event. The world is already getting benefitted with these Karat gold coins and this event will further spread the inherent concept among the investors of the world. This Karat gold company is presently targeting countries like Australia, where similar coins are used for the creation of new currency.

The Crypto-currency Karatgold Coin are backed with physical gold. Hence there is a great significance of these to be used as currency.  The exchange rate which has been decided for the exchange of Gold Coins is also very high. This high exchange rate was also previously promised by Seiz. Thus, Seiz is keeping up with all the promises he has done in the past.

Recently, due to various hackers’ attacks, investors are reluctant to doing investment in crypto-currencies. This problem is not witnessed in case of Crypto-Currency like KBC or Karat Gold Coin. This is due to the fact that physical gold backs this currency. Hence, there is no fear of attacks from hackers. Due to the backing up by physical gold, this Crypto Currency is not a favorite of speculators as well. The spectators keep themselves away from Crypto Currency like Karat Gold Coin.

As a very handsome exchange rate is offered for exchange on this Independence Day, One can understand how beneficial and profitable it is to invest in Karat Gold Coin. Based on the announcement made by Seiz it is clear that many subsequent events will be executed in the future. It will be very easy for the investors to exchange their Crypto Tokens with the physical gold. Hence, it will be a win-win situation for the investors to invest in Crypto Currency like Karat gold.   

According to the vision of Seiz, the crypto-currency Karat gold can be exchanged with physical gold at any time in the future. Thus, the risk aspects while investing in Crypto Currency like Karat Gold are Minimum and one can invest his or her hard earned money in this currency without worrying.  

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate the Gold Independence Day 2019 by investing money in Karat gold as well as converting your crypto tokens to physical gold coins. This will be a win-win situation for you to invest in Karat gold crypto currency as you can exchange your crypto tokens with the physical gold, any time you want.

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