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Looking to Improve Your Link Building Strategy? - Here's How

Posted March 29, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0

Businesses nowadays should focus on numerous digital methods to increase their brand awareness and lead generation levels. One of the most effective ways is link building, as it's a strong way to get a lot of positive traffic to your social and digital platforms. But some businesses still don't know how to manage their link building processes or follow the wrong strategy. So, here's a list of some effective ways to improve your link building strategy.

Implement Your Outreach with Linkable Assets

Many companies use outreach but they don't focus on making it work with linkable assets. This is a problem and it makes your strategy weak. Linkable assets are platforms that have pieces of content, which are specifically designed to attract links from other websites, but these links must be the same as your niche. So, when you're reaching out to people online, you would provide them with niche-specific content that is useful and helpful for them. These users are most likely the people that have liked similar articles or posts related to your niche or mentioned your keywords in other articles. This makes your outreach strategy a lot more effective and stronger than before, improving your link building tremendously along the way.

Avoid Getting Black-hats 

You are most likely going to develop black-hat links if you don't monitor your link building strategies and processes well. Google considers links to be black-hat strategies when they find that some of your links are performing aggressive SEO with backlinks that are dead and broken, or when you listen to link building myths from SEO agencies that don't work. You should be careful not to do any of these tactics that make your strategy weak and unable to generate enough traffic. Also, your keywords or links cannot afford to look unnatural. Monitoring it all well and never using link building the wrong way is paramount. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't get an agency's help, but you should be smart with who you're hiring. 

Use Smart Guest Blogging Tactics

Guest Blogging is one of the effective ways to have good link building in place, but if overused can become quite stale. So, you should be smart and not look for platforms that would take any guest post; this isn't effective enough. You need to focus on finding relevant websites even if they don't publicly advertise that fact. It's very common for platforms to not say explicitly that they accept guest blogging, so you shouldn't ignore relevant and suitable websites and just go for random ones that have nothing to do with your niche. Just pitch your post or piece of content and they might be interested. It's an excellent way for them to get traffic too, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Keep an Eye Out for Unlinked Mentions 

Some websites or blogs can mention your name, brand, or unique product without linking it to you. It's very common and even though there is nothing wrong with that, it's still a missed opportunity for both you and that platform. So, it would be wise to just make it linked because you're already halfway to earning a decent link that looks natural. You need to constantly search for unlinked mentions and invest in a content explorer tool that can find you a lot of these mentions by checking millions of other websites and blog posts. Once you find it, reach out to the owner of the website and tell them about it. They will agree 100% because that means more traffic for them and this way you strengthen your link building plans.

Infographics for Better Results

You'd be surprised just how effective infographics can be for your link building plans. It's crucial to focus on them because you can guarantee a lot of organic traffic to come your way. It's estimated that you can earn 37.5% more backlinks from infographics than normal blog posts. So, you can't ignore this tactic as it will improve your link building strategies and it is what users love to see online. It might be expensive but it's worth it once you start reaping rewards. Just make sure that it's relevant, useful, and interesting to allow it to go viral and make it sharable for more positive traffic.

Checking Your Competitors 

It's quite common to check on what your competitors are doing, especially if they're ranking higher than you online. You can monitor what they're doing to understand what the people want and like to see. Also, it means that Google changes the algorithm frequently and you should follow their lead and change your tactics too. When you understand how they generate traffic and find out where they're getting the natural links, then you can do the same and not focus too much on reinventing the method of lead generation. Why risk it now when you can clearly see that there is a method that works. This will make you focus more on the best tactics that will give you the results you need. Everyone goes home happy and you get a piece of the pie too.

Networking Through Link Roundups

If you focus on link roundups, you will have a strong networking strategy that keeps you off Google's bad side. This means that your link building strategy won't get penalized and you won't have to suffer any negative consequences. It's convenient and simple because it's a great way to share what other bloggers or platform owners are posting and show them some appreciation. This will cause others to do the same for you by paying their respects back. It's a great networking tactic and it will improve your link building strategy.

Utilizing the digital world is necessary for your business to thrive and grow. Its success is based on how good your strategy is for attracting more traffic. Marketing your company's website requires accuracy, consistency, and constant monitoring to ensure that your link building strategies are going smoothly. You should use the best strategy that helps you spread the word better and increase the lifespan of your platform. Making sure it continues to grow thanks to your fresh content that will always bring more people in for a sale.  

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