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Lessons for Starting a Liquor Business: A Few Tips to Lower the Learning Curve

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Every business has a learning curve, but the liquor business has a particularly steep one. Although alcohol is mostly legal in US, it is still an addictive substance with heavy potential for abuse. The first time you try to find out how to get a liquor license, you will learn that it might not be a particularly easy and quick process in some states. With that point in mind, we are going to head a bit deeper into the topic and look at a few facts that might just lower your learning curve.

Understanding the Liquor License

Primarily, there are two types of liquor licenses that are given out in the Unites States, which are as follows:

On-License – This is the license you should apply for if you own a bar/restaurant, club, or any other business facility where the alcohol purchased will be consumed within the premises.

Off-License – An off-license is a grocery store, supermarket, or liquor store that sells the liquor and allows the buyer to take it outside the premises. Chances are that if a business has an off-license, alcohol consumption is not allowed within the premises.

The state laws will differ from one another, so you will need to confirm the exact details from your particular state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control agency. You can also check out the details on Incfile, where they take business owners through every step of how to get a liquor license in their specific state. In case you live in Mississippi, Kansas or Tennessee though, you need to move to a different state.

The Location is Important But there are Considerations to be Made Here

Most businesses that are looking to get a liquor license usually choose a location where people come to party. It’s a natural choice and it makes perfect sense to sell liquor in an area where people always look for booze. However, there are a few considerations to make first.

What Do You Have to Offer?

If there are multiple other businesses serving liquor in the location already, what sets your shop or nightclub apart from the rest that means they would buy from you instead of the more established businesses with a much larger customer base?

The answer could be in a completely new theme for the nightclub, which no other club in the vicinity has. Or it could also be the fact that the new liquor shop has the most exquisite collection of sherry in the neighborhood. The idea is to offer something that no one else can at that moment. By doing so, you create a niche customer base of your own.

In spite of everything, the fact remains that people love to booze, and it’s pretty much universally true! Now that you know how to get a liquor license in your state and have a few pointers to help you get started, it could be a very profitable venture, worth all the effort in between.

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