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Is LinkedIn Effective in Driving Business to your Company Website?

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LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing platforms in the recent years. According to GeekWire, it is among Microsoft’s fastest growing businesses with over $26 billion investments that are beginning to pay off. With such a huge platform, it is a no-brainer that every business and organization should be on it in order to gain more exposure to their company and its website.

When LinkedIn first launched, the platforms’ main intention was to provide a networking platform for professionals that would network with others in similar industries and job fields. Since then, LinkedIn has become a huge social media platform for professionals and industry leaders with over 500 million users and almost 5 million users that pay for the Premium Accounts that provides even more opportunities for the user.

With this many users, most of which are professionals, it can help you and your business to… generate leads which can lead to potential sales, build your brand awareness, and establish strategic partnerships to expand your business.


How Effective is LinkedIn in Driving Business to your Company Website?

Before businesses and organizations decide to join LinkedIn, there are several pros and cons of LinkedIn that should consider before making the choice. Below are some pros and cons highlighted.


Pros of using LinkedIn for your Business

  • Keyword Targeted candidate/customer search: keywords are essential when sourcing candidates on LinkedIn and recruiters/companies can refine their searches to find qualified candidates or customers.

This means that your company can easily target certain groups of people, depending on your niche. LinkedIn makes it easier to find certain individuals so your company can easily target them and reach out to them.

  • Easy to your communicate and build relationships with prospective customers. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and begin to build a relationship before you pitch your product or service to them. Relationships help to build trust between the customer and the company which is essential in getting more sales, especially in today’s economy when most sales happen in the online world.


Cons of Using LinkedIn for your Business

  • Fake profiles: there are countless of fake users on LinkedIn which makes it harder for businesses to recognize who the true customers are. This can interrupt user data and affecting consumer analysis.

  • Overlooked incomplete profiles: There are several users on LinkedIn who do not fully complete their profiles which causes there to be a lot of blank space on people’s profiles. Even though users might be fully qualified for a job position, or may be the perfect customer for a company looking to promote their product or service to, their incomplete LinkedIn profile will cause businesses and recruiters to overlook them.


How LinkedIn Can Bring You Customers


  • Jumpstart your B2B marketing strategy: By leveraging LinkedIn, you can jumpstart your B2B marketing strategy, especially in 2019 per Digital Authority Partners.


B2B marketing, also known as business-to-business marketing, refers to marketing products and solutions for other businesses. With the help of LinkedIn, you are able to…


  • Align your content marketing with your sales goals: LinkedIn allows you to create

  • engaging content that once shared by one person, all of their connections will see the content too which increases the number of people who see your content. This will ultimately lead to more sales

  • Create unique content based on sales funnels: you can creatively educate your customers and their needs through LinkedIn posts which can be shared by many.

  • Create valuable content: Many businesses underestimate the power of valuable content, especially on LinkedIn. With millions of users that use the platform on a daily basis, your content can easily be seen by many users. Based on what your company is, you can target your content towards certain customers and even get their feedback which will help you to improve whatever product or service you are offering.


Content marketing and SEO gives your customers a reason to buy from you. You can leverage LinkedIn to help you drive business to your company and its website. To do this, you need to develop your ideal customer persona which is essentially a description of what your ideal client looks like. This will allow you to discover your ideal customer and their needs which you can target when you are creating your products and/or services.

The next step in content marketing is to develop your content strategy by deciding what your business goals are. They could be to increase your sales revenue, increase your brand awareness, improve customer loyalty, or even build authority in your industry. Content strategies that are well-developed can greatly increase business for your company as it allows you to build trust with ideal customers.

So now that you know what content marketing it, what type of content should you be sharing on LinkedIn? Some examples of content that you can share come in forms of blog posts (directly from your website), long pieces of content that can be shared on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, videos, curated articles from similar sources, and even images with text.


  • Use Proactive LinkedIn Marketing: By being proactive on LinkedIn, it allows you to attract potential clients, customers, partners and influencers to your company or organization and its website. You can include proactive marketing into your LinkedIn plan by…

    • Posting regular status updates: regular and consistent posting will give exposure to your company and its website which can help to convert prospective customers into buying customers.

    • Using LinkedIn Advertising: paid advertising can help drive business to your website and get it up front on the market quickly.

    • Participate in groups: by joining groups that are relevant to your business, you can participate in groups and lead discussions that will bring more attention to you and your company


With that being said, LinkedIn is very effective in driving business to your company and its website. By leveraging this platform, you can attract potential clients and promote your brand awareness to those around the world who have similar interests. To take advantage of this growing platform, make sure your company is on it and use the strategies mentioned in this article to expand your business.


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