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How to survive your college finances during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Posted July 21, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Consumer 1 0

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, this phenomenon had affected several businesses and people around the globe. If you're still a college student during this time, your budget might be tightened because your parents cannot anymore afford your allowance.

Most of the companies shut down or downgrade their businesses since they cannot afford to pay salaries and other fixed expenses. Some employees might be stood down since the companies want to reduce their business expenses.

If you are a student who struggles with financial matters, you must find some ways to earn during this period. To have some ideas, we will share some tips for you to consider.


1. Provide tutorial services

Even if you're still in college, you can do some sideline jobs to earn some bucks. You can do some English tutorials and other foreign languages that you're good at. You need to have a computer with a good camera and headset so that you can communicate properly with the tutee.

You can apply for tutorial agencies or perform freelancing. You can create a profile on a recruitment platform or post your service at your social media account. In this type of job, it is flexible, and you can choose a schedule suitable for you.


2. Start building a writing career

Are you wondering if you can write papers for money? The popularity of the internet brought employment opportunities for many. Nowadays, you can purchase cheap laptops or PCs and start your online freelancing straightaway. If you want a flexible job, you can work as a writer. You will be able to earn in different ways and you don't have to be a bachelor graduate to be able to write.

If you have the passion and experience in writing, you can apply to write agencies, marketing companies, or perform freelancing. You can also build your website and write for your niche. However, it takes months to years before you can monetize your blogs. If you need an income during the COVID-19, it is better to do some freelance writing first.

There are several genres, styles, and tones in the field of writing. There are different types of writing that you can do for your clients.


3. Consider vlogging in YouTube

Amid the pandemic, it is not anymore surprising why many people started finding ways on how to earn. Some are looking for jobs online while others are investing capital to start a small business. One thing that captures the attention of many is the YouTube vlogging.

If you have the confidence to talk in-camera, you can start discovering your interests and create some content from it. Even if you're at home, you can have many ideas to create some videos. For example, you can do some cooking shows, study sessions, life matter subjects, how-to clips, and more. You must learn how to draw the creativity within you and unleash your skills in the vlogs.

If you are a player, you may also try Facebook's monetization method and you can do some live stream games. Aside from these platforms, you may also consider Twitch as an alternative.


4. Apply for a Data Encoder or Transcriber job

Can you type as fast as 60 wpm? If yes, you can also apply for data encoding and transcribing jobs. Generally, you need to gather information from the web and use data mining tools to extract all the necessary details.

On the other hand, you can also do some transcribing jobs and type the meetings into a written form. If you can type fast, you can be able to get fit in this job.


5. Build an online store

Online selling is one of the trending business ventures nowadays due to the flexibility of the work. You can start up a virtual retailing activity and work out on your logistics. You also need to post regularly on your social media accounts and join groups to increase your target audience.

What kind of things that you can sell during a pandemic? Well, you can create washable fabric face masks and sell them to the customers. You may also do some merchandising approach if you cannot be able to produce face masks. Aside from these essentials, you may also try baking and selling food-related products online.


Have you decided which job to pursue?

In these tough times, you need to exercise a positive mindset to keep life going. You must take this pandemic period as an opportunity to unlock your skills and discover what you can do. Our insights are just fundamental guidelines to assist you financially.

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