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How to start a business without much capital

Posted February 27, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Financial Advice 0 0

One of the biggest problems that most of the entrepreneurs face in the market is obtaining capital. Even though new startup enthusiasts would have many ideas to implement, they are usually short of the investment needed. 

Startup loans are definitely a good place to start with. It can give you access to much needed capital which would make it easier to start your idea. However, if a loan is off the table for you, consider the steps below to start a business with limited capital:

  1. Build a business around your skills

    You may need to hire a few people and progress as a team. However, that doesn’t mean you need to hire different people for all tasks. This would add more cost to the initial investment. Instead, you should build a business around skills that you already possess. In this way you may need to hire less employees which ultimately require less capital making things easier for you and your company. What better way to start than to learn social media marketing? You’re in a great place.

  2. Sell products and services that people need

    There is a difference between needs and wants. Needs are things that people require. On the other hand, wants are desires. Desires of people keep on changing. Your desires may vary with time. This is not the case with needs. Needs are often constant. If you focus on selling products and services that people need, you will be able to sell more efficiently. Once you have determined something that will sell great, it’s time to offer these products or services. So just what do you sell if you have limited startup capital? Well, you should look at dropshipping or sell your skills as a service. These two ways are the only options you have with limited capital. Just check out this dropshipping rugs store  here. If you have a product that is very general that just about everyone needs you can think about mass direct marketing such as mailbox delivery. You can print out several thousands of flyers for very little cost using your own ink and printers. If you invest your time you can get a lot of these delivered to local mailboxes using a bicycle.

  3. Use cheaper tactics with marketing

    Marketing is one of the most important things when it comes to businesses. There are many businesses out there. Each business needs to market their products and services in order to make it successful. Bootstrap marketing is the key. Moreover, social media and SEO can be used to get traffic to the website. A key example is this  window coverings company from Australia. We had taken a look at how they managed to get such a large amount of traffic via social media and other means in just a year. 

  4. Use free avenues for business promotion

    This is perhaps one of the most important ways in which you can save a great deal of money. Free advertising methods must be used in order to promote business. There are many ways in which businesses can be promoted. As mentioned earlier, social media channels are usually free. What about getting onto the news? You can do a press release about your product or company and hope this gets picked up on news publication websites, in order for this to happen though you should really make sure it is special and is newsworthy. If you do manage to be published you will receive free advertising on hundreds of different news websites that have plenty of traffic, as well as reposted via social media. There are paid advertising mediums as well that can be used but it will just add more to the overall capital cost, so we’ve left those out of the scope of this article.


The bottom line


Above are some of the major tips that you must follow in order to start a business with low capital. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your business remains successful without incurring much cost. 

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