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How To Navigate The Challenges Of Global Expansion

Posted October 19, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 1 0

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to go global one day. However, expanding businesses around the world is easier said than done. Company executives need to make a lot of complex choices that can greatly affect the entire future of their business.

People who plan to expand their business outside of their country are definitely in for broader responsibilities. This is why it’s very important to foresee the wide range of opportunities, business outcomes, and challenges that you will face when it comes to global expansion.



Now even though globalization of a business can generate a multitude of business challenges, do take note that business geography doesn’t necessarily make up most of the complexities in an expanding organization.


In fact, the inability to effectively recognize and efficiently execute business opportunities is a far greater contributor to complexities brought about by global expansion. So how do you become successful at achieving such opportunities? By ensuring your organization’s success to globally scale.


8 Challenges of Global Expansion


  1. Compliance

No matter what country you choose to set up your business extension in, you’re bound to encounter new business rules you would have to comply with. Whether you’re planning on building a data center, manufacturing site, or headquarters, know that you will have to learn about an entirely new set of regulations.



One thing you may do to overcome this challenge is to seek out help from local investors or partners. If that’s not an option, you may also try looking for local government programs that aid foreign investors. Some countries offer programs that help with everything from permits, taxes, and visas.


  1. Workforce

One of the most common problems that entrepreneurs face when it comes to global expansion is ensuring the manpower for their business. One of the easiest solutions to this challenge is creating a means to attract current employees to relocate. This is a very optimal solution since it helps create an efficient business continuity.



Another thing you can do is outsource jobs while your business gets into the swing of things. Or at least until you find the right person for the right level. We recommend you check outsourcing payroll information first to get a glimpse of how outsourcing can help you save costs during global expansion.


  1. Market

A different country always comes with a different market. This means, if you plan to conduct business in a new country, it would be in your best interest to appeal to the people that will be your customers.


To do so, you must effectively find out about local values, culture, traditions, holidays, and religions. By getting to know the local scene, you will be able to construct better branding campaigns that will attract your new local customers.


  1. Competition

Aside from potential customers, another thing you should keep your eye on is the competition. It is very important to do significant research on a country’s competitive landscape. This means you would have to find out your target country’s available workforce, population makeup, and the number of foreign businesses in operation.


  1. Logistics

This is probably one of the largest challenges you will face in global expansion. Taking on the challenge of logistics will require you to carefully account for all things your company will need to successfully operate overseas. Whether it be materials, shipping, equipment, or a physical location, you will need to create a complete plan for procuring such resources.


  1. Currency

Knowledge about local currency is very essential for pricing services and products you wish to sell. Though learning about money conversions isn’t that big of an issue, know that the challenge here comes with the costs of conversion. This is why you should always take into consideration the cost of currency conversions. Also, make sure to account for such costs when it comes to your pricing strategy.


  1. Language

Language barriers can be quite daunting. This is why it’s very important to invest in translation services. For best results, we suggest you hire a company with various translation services. You will need their help when it comes to in-person interactions as well as website localization.

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