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How to check the balance of Visa and Master Card?

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Nowadays, the use of Visa and Master Card is becoming common. These cards are increasing convenience in your life. Before going shopping, it is essential to know the balance of your gifted Master or Visa card. Fortunately, MyGiftCard helps you to check the current balance of your card instantly. By visiting MyGiftCardSite, you can check the balance of your gift card using your phone or laptop browser.

To check balance, you will need card number printed on the front of your card and enter the security code. You will find the security code at the back of the card. With this service portal, you can check the balance of MasterCard, Visa, or Gift card. This portal is connected to the MasterCard and Visa network directly. It is possible to register your card.

Services of MyGiftCard Site

MyGiftCard offers numerous services to customers. See the overview of these services:

·         Check your balance: Once you log in with the details of your card, you can quickly check its current balance.

·         Register a Card: This portal allows you to register your gift card and use the card for mail order, phone, and online purchases.

Check the history of transaction: You can check the remaining balance on the card. The portal will generate a detailed transaction history. It is an easy way to see where you spent money. You will get the complete usage history of your card.

Prepaid Gift Cards

These prepaid cards have a particular amount of money on it. Cardholders can use this card to make purchases similar to a debit or credit card. You can use this card in the USA to make purchases from different locations.

Remember, this card is different than credit or debit cards. With this prepaid card, you can make purchases within its limit. The balance of card may vary between $20 and $500. You can choose between variable and fixed cards.

Uses of Gift Cards

Gift cards are becoming famous for making purchases. These become an alternative of cash to increase convenience in your life. MasterCard gift cards and visa gift cards can be used similar to regular cards. With this card, you can make online purchases or order products via mail or phone. A registered card will be a great choice to buy your desired items. Remember, you can’t use gift cards to withdraw money from the ATM.

A card with insufficient balance can be declined. You can make a partial payment with the help of this card. Feel free to use another medium to make the remaining payment. To get this service, it is necessary to check with the cashier if it is allowed. Some restaurants and stores don’t permit partial payments.

Report Your Stolen or Lost Card Immediately

To report a stolen or lost card, it is essential to contact customer services immediately. You will be responsible if a purchase is made before you file a report for a lost or stolen card. Try to report a deleted or lost card as soon as possible. If you notice something fishy, immediately contact the customer service of your service provider. They can help you to file a dispute claim.

Types of Gift Cards

These cards have a special code or number without an individual name. For authorization, it depends on an online electronic system. Anyone can use these cards for shopping. A few gift cards are designed for reloading so that users can use them multiple times.

Gift cards may have a magnetic stripe or a barcode so that a credit card machine can read this code. Nowadays, users can buy custom cards to meet particular needs. Remember, these cards are different from script certificates. Many cards come with an expiry date. For the convenience of users, phone apps are available for easy transactions.

However, gift cards are incredibly lucrative. It is essential to protect your cards to avoid frauds. These frauds may vary from cloning, physical theft to exploiting programming mistakes on the merchant side. The attacks are similar to credit card frauds. It is easy to convert the value of a gift card into merchandise and money. For this reason, always make purchases from a reliable retailer. It is an excellent way to decrease the chances of huge losses.

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