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How Do I Take Control of My Finances? 5 Steps to Help You Get Back In Charge

Posted January 28, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Financial Advice 1 0

If you've been wondering, "how can I take charge of my finances?" We can help. Here are five tips to help you get back in control.

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Did you know that the average American household is burdened by over $137,000 in debt?

Whether you have student loans, a mortgage, or credit card debt, there are plenty of reasons why you may be asking, "What's the easiest way to control my finances?"

Keep reading to learn the top 5 tips for getting finances in order.

1. Control Finance by Creating a Budget and Sticking with It

It's easy to blow through every paycheck on small expenses that add up.

If you buy coffee every morning, $5 may not seem like a lot. However, by the end of the month, you'll spend $150. If you make your own coffee at home, one cup can be as cheap as 15 cents.

The best way to learn how to manage finances is to map your spending, create a budget, and resist temptations to break it.

2. Pay Extra on Monthly Loan Payments

If you have thousands of dollars of debt, you'd be surprised to learn how fast interest can build.

Your ultimate goal should be to live debt-free. You can accomplish this by putting extra money toward your loans.

Lots of people don't know you're allowed to pay your loans off whenever you want. Don't let 10, 15, or 20-year payment plans fool you.

If you've freed some money after creating your budget, put whatever extra money you can on your debts. This can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by avoiding interest.

3. Get Personal Finance Help from a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors know all the tricks of the trade. They are society's best tool for smart spending.

If you have a hard time sticking with a budget, an advisor can help you find dozens of ways to save. It may sound counterproductive to spend more money, but plenty of businessmen believe in spending money to make money.

Not ready to make this step yet? There are still plenty of ways you can save your wallet without a financial advisor.

4. Can I Eliminate Interest on My Finances? Switch to a New Provider

Some people may not have extra funds to put toward their loans. This shouldn't make you feel trapped by high interest rates.

Did you know that you can transfer your debt to a new loan provider or credit card with better deals? The smartest move you can make is to find a company who offers 0% APR for an extended period. 

If you have a one-year or a year-and-a-half grace period where no interest can accrue, you have plenty of time to hack away at your debt.

5. Create an Emergency Fund

Disaster can strike at any moment. If you lose your job, get injured, or damage your car, you need to have a cushion to support you.

The reason why an emergency fund is so important is that it can prevent you from taking on more debt. Even if you set aside a dollar a day, you're still working toward building savings. The more you can set aside, the better.

Want More Personal Finance Strategies?

These 5 tips are incredible ways to start saving for a brighter future.

Do you have more questions like "How can I manage my finances with student loans?" Easy Finance has all of the answers for questions about loans, insurance, mortgage, debt, and more. Check out our helpful information on loans to get started.

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