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Four tips for getting cash quickly

Posted November 8, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Banking 1 0

Every now and then an emergency strikes, and you need cash. Not just that you need it fast. Some people are very good at saving for these types of rainy-day emergencies, but others are not as good. Or, perhaps it is even a case of too many rainy-day emergencies coming quickly one after the other. Whatever the scenario, if you need quick cash it is not always easy to find. So, in the event that you find yourself needing money quickly, here are a few tips to help you make it through the crisis.



Take a loan

Getting a loan is not as difficult as it once was. Not long ago it involved meetings at the bank and collateral and lots of paper work. Now days however where everyone is profiled and has credit records it is a much easier process. A quick online search for something like ‘fast cash online’ should deliver a number of returns. Investigate them all and apply for as many as possible. You may well be surprised at how easy it is to get access to the funds that you need. Obviously, you need to be aware of the payment expectations and interest rates, but if you are simply taking the loan to get through a tight spot it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Sell your surplus

People will often complain about a lack of cash. What they actually mean is cash-flow, you will probably find that they have plenty of assets, many of which might be surplus to requirements. If this is you, and you need money quickly look to offload some of these things. Depending on how urgent things would dictate the route that you take. A garage sale could work well for instances if you have quite a lot of surplus. But pawn shops are an option as well if you need quick cash. Also look at online options. Sites like Facebook and GumTree and many others offer classified sales that can help generate cash quickly.


This might take slightly longer than the other options but look to perform some work on the side. And make it something that pays immediately or quickly. Sign up to wat tables somewhere or to deliver pizza. If it is quick cash that you need then these are jobs that pay in tips and will help to generate you cash by the end of the evening. This is not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a case of needs must and the truth is that there is nothing wrong with making a solution for yourself and standing on your own two feet.

Crowd source

Depending on the nature of your emergency a crowd-sourced money solution could be a great option. Granted, nobody is going to help if you have overspent at Christmas and put yourself into a hedonistic hole, but if you are struggling because of a health-related issue or a because you have been the victim of crime or a retrenchment or something outside your realm of control, then you may well discover that people are sympathetic to your cause. So, search online for the crowd-funding site that works best for you and start your campaign. Goodluck!

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