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9 Surprising and Unusual Ways Your Car Insurance Can Cover For You

Posted February 10, 2021 by EasyFinance.com to Insurance 0 0

Many people think that car insurance companies only handle things when it comes to accidents. There are many events in which your insurance can save you money. Mainly auto insurance coverage includes property damage, personal injury, collisions, bodily injuries, and protection against uninsured drivers.  Make sure that your insurance policy covers these necessary policies. Ask your acquaintances to recommend you to a good insurance company. You can also search the internet for car insurance quotes online to find out more details. Here are some unusual ways that your insurance company can protect you.

Car Rental:

When your car has been damaged during an accident, your insurer can cover car rental expenses. Make sure to inform them as soon as possible so that you can get this coverage. You can talk to them beforehand to check if they offer this service.

Cover Your Lost Wages:

It is an unusual thing for an insurance company to cover, but it does happen. If you have been injured in a car accident and cannot go to work, you can get liability coverage. You can claim your lost wages from your insurance because of your inability to work. There are, however, limits to this coverage depending upon your conditions.

Uninsured Drivers:

It is beneficial for you as it protects you when you are involved in an accident with an insured driver. You can file for an uninsured driver claim with your insurance company. This policy can be used even if you were walking by the road and injured by an uninsured motorist. It can be used for all your family members.

Any Object Fallen From the Sky:

Your insurance policy may also include liability coverage for anything fallen from the sky and damaging your car. It happens for very few people, but still, the possibility cannot be ignored. They can recover your loss that you have suffered as a result of it.

Interior Recover:

If your car interior is damaged due to an accident, your insurance company can cover the detailing. When your car is stolen and returned with tarnished interior or food stains on the seats, it would also be covered. 

Natural Disasters:

Damage because of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods can be covered by your insurance company policy. You are not responsible for any damage caused, so it needs to be included in the coverage policy.

Travel Expenses:

When you are traveling and have had an accident, your insurer will cover your expenses if you are fifty to a hundred miles away from home. They should cover costs for a hotel stay, transportation, and food until you reach your home. To have your insurance company cover your travel expenses may come off as an unusual thing to do. But it can happen to you as well, so make sure that your insurer provides coverage. 


In some cases, you can get your loss covered by your insurer if you have been scammed to sell your car for nothing in return. They may recover what you have lost in terms of the fact that it is a theft. In contrast, some insurers might not cover for you because the scam is your fault for falling for a private buyer and getting no amount for the car.

Wrong Type of Fuel:

It can be a possible occurrence that you fill your car with the wrong type of fuel, which in return damages your engine. It can have severe consequences for your vehicle. Since it is not entirely your fault, your insurer may cover the expenses of repair.

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