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9 Low-Cost Business Ideas for College Students

Posted October 26, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Financial Advice 1 0

How to link busy student’s life and work

It goes without saying that study is one of the fascinating periods in life. That is a time of constant fun, write my coursework , parties, new meetings, and relationship. Being a student means to be the happiest person as you discover new world and learn new things. If to plunge into the deeper context of the case of being a student we can realize that it has the dark side as well. As you can realize we are talking about the financial aspect. It is a common case when college students suffer from the lack of money. If you have recognized yourself in it, do not worry. Below we have presented the key ideas of the cheap business that will save you. Read and use it in practice.


What are the best business for college students

Check the list that can make money and save your time. We highly recommend trying one of this business as it is a nice chance to study and develop some other skills.

Cleaning service

That is one of the best part-time jobs that can be suitable for students. The first reason for such statement is that both girl and boy can cope with cleaning. People are used to dividing the job into the male and female, but in that case, it does not make a sense. According to the survey, boys are even better at cleaning. So, do not waste your time. You can offer your service to pensioners or women in maturity leave who don’t have time to clean the flat. Such business has a flexible schedule as you are free from office and can arrange the “meeting” with the customers at a convenient time for you.

Moving service

If you are the boy full of muscles and power this job is the perfect variant for you. You can submit the announcement about your “free hands”. We are sure that you will have a lot of customers because everyday somebody needs someone to lift the piano to the fifth floor or to move furniture. Moreover, if you cope with your job in the best manner, you can have good tips.


Are you good with children? Do you know how to interact with them? Do you have “mother instinct”? If yes, this part-job is especially for you. You can connect the pleasure of babysitting and money making. As a rule, students offer their service to neighbours in order to save their time. You can babysit after the college or be the night shift nurse. Everything depends on you. Such low-cost business will be the best for girls as it is a good practice as well.     


As you can notice, modern time is the era of tutoring. Parents are obsessed with desire to give the best education to their children and hire tutors who can help their sons and daughters to learn this or that subject. So, do not lose your chance. If you are the master in math or essay writing, offer you service. You can set up your own program and plan that will make the results better.

Event manager

If you are skilled at arranging different occasions, such a job is a good chance to try your skills and earn money. All that you need is to find the family, for instance, who organize the first birthday party and act. You can implement the party of your day into reality.

Freelance writer

Are you talented in conveying your thoughts in the written manner? Do you have the constant imagination? If you do, please become the writer as today it is the best job that brings real income. You can sit at home and write content for websites after college. Such occupation gives you the opportunity to earn money and improve your writing skills.


If you are the fan of reading, you can try such business. Your task is to find the company that wants to hire the junior bookkeeper for the internal project.

Jewelry maker

Such an occupation will be especially interesting for girls. If you have good imagination and hands, you can try to make your own bracelets or necklace. Remember that famous Pandora started from the little and primitive things as well.

Delivery service

You are lucky one if you have your own car. Are you asking: “Why?” The answer is obvious-you can deliver food from the grocery and earn good money. Connect a comfortable trip with music and business.  

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