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5 Business Terms You Need To Know

Posted May 3, 2021 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 0 0

In this era of millennial's abbreviations and some weird terminologies are all around us. The terms which make the product or service different from others and can help in making space in the mind of the prey audience because something unusual often leads to curiosity. And brand curiosity often leads to a boost in sales.
The terms we are getting to be familiar with today are related to crypto currencies such as terms used while discussing forex, bitcoins, bitcoin cash, chain link etc.

Let's see some weird yet identical terms related to business and crypto currency:

Hodling: Yes I spell it right it's "HODLING" not holding, this is a new term used for buying some potential portions of some profitable cryptocurrencies and holding them for a substantial time frame and wait for the rise in price and sell once you feel that's sufficient for you and your family. It does not owe you any interest in investment as similar to the stocks and dividends you invest upon.

Mooning: Mooning is approximately a phrase when the prices of the stocks or crypto booms towards the moon i.e. scale towards the upward direction. This directs to the situation of massive profit. The stakeholders often tend to inflate the market price by boosting the sales by buying extensively. It's the trick the stakeholders often apply for mooning the prices and demand of crypto coins.

Whale: Whale is that bunch of stakeholders or individuals who often hold the majority stakes of the bitcoins and are the big players of the market who ultimately leads the direction of the market trends. As the Whale's identity is her gigantic enormous size, so are the major stakeholders acts like.

Pump and dump: Pumping and dumping is the technique of misleading the trends by making false emrise in demand and dumping them initially, this practice is illegal for crypto currency and can lead to large penalty as well as imprisonment and also cancellation or even ban of trader's license.

Bag holder: Bag holding is the process of maintaining a portfolio of your crypto currencies. It will regulate and take track upon the different crypto coins along with bifurcating them in accordance with their types, sizes, portions, validity, and of course while tracing the trends and fluctuations in prices and demand.


Walking hand in hand with time is the best skill to learn or adapt. Learning new quirks and adapting new technologies is the best step one can make. Crypto currency is a whole new concept for most of us but knowing it, getting involved in it, and investing in it would all together can be a whole lot of learning and earning experience. For diving into the pool of strange species one must know how they react and how to tackle them all and survive. That's why the homework before taking any step is important. So read the above terms and know more about crypto.

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