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10 Ways to Earn Money at Home as a Single Mother

Posted October 26, 2018 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

How to make money at home and why try to do it?

One of my friends, a professional copywriter, told that she had to spend two years to teach all her relatives, starting from her husband and ending with her grandmother, that she was not just “doing something on the Internet” or “temporarily not working” but working at home and managing to earn very decent money.

If you understand how to make money sitting at home, you will also enjoy the serious advantages that my friend received:

  1. A free schedule that you set for yourself.
  2. Opportunity to do other things besides work: caring for a small child or relatives, cooking, cleaning, weeding a vegetable garden, etc., without waiting for the weekend.
  3. Savings on commuting, corporate lunches, cosmetics, business suits, etc.
  4. Proper diet and sleep that you set for yourself.
  5. No boss-tyrant, envious colleagues, tons of tasks that need to be finished yesterday, and other things that make your nervous system suffer.
  6. Comfortable working conditions within your own home.
  7. The ability to grow and develop, trying new activities that will bring more money.

So here is our list of 10 ways to earn money at home as a single mother:

1. Surveys and surfing (the job will consist of filling up surveys of different nature and browsing websites for traffic).

2. Commenting, liking, creating articles (the job will consist of creating different texts that advertise this or that thing, or, in the case of articles, they won’t necessarily be ads but really anything; this is a great job for those who can type fast and improvise with text).

3. Creating your own website (now, this is topic has to have its own article about it, this is potentially gigantic; this may be the biggest flop or the biggest win of your life. We advise you to read a lot of things before you do decide to do so, but most often, the job will be that of attracting traffic to your website by any means). 

Having your own dating website is a great way of doing things; check out this website where you can meet women in Ukraine; they know a thing or two about the business.

4. Betting and online sportsbooks games (this is quite a niche today; we would advise you to do so if you are passionate about something, like sports or gambling, and are willing to take a risk in order to potentially make some money).

5. Forex, Tickmil (that is, again, a topic for another time, but these services are popular, so why not?).

6. Baking cakes (now, this is a different one; the first one in which the computer won’t be your main tool; this really says a thing about the advanced time we are living in. If you are passionate about it and can make it work – go for it. A common price for a custom cake is $35, and you'll only spend $15 on it; that is some good profit).

Making cakes may look kind of old-fashioned and out of the trend, but it isn’t. Be sure to check out https://www.cnbc.com/jobs/ to keep up with all the news related to jobs and such.

7. Flowers (make custom bouquets; this is great, and it will always be relevant. This is especially good if you can establish some sort of outdoors advertisement, for people on the street to come in and order a bouquet).

8. Making souvenirs (this can include everything really: postcards, decorations, tree crafts, metal, clay, stuffed toys, paint the dishes, weave rugs, etc.

You can realize any of your skills (the more high-quality and original products you make, the higher your earnings).

9. Growing indoor plants (this way to make money at home is suitable for those, who do well in growing indoor plants or seedlings. It is better to engage in such a business when you a house with a garden because the conditions in the apartment are inappropriate).

10. And finally, the most exciting way of earning money at home is… having a 3D printer.

I mean, c’mon, this thing is great. It is revolutionary; it is changing the world as we know it right now, so jump on the hype train and do whatever you wish.

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